Song Seung-heon Back In "My Princess"

Song Seung-heon
has announced his next drama, My
(working title). This comes a year after the end of
his last drama, East of Eden.

Its scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook is the writer of hit
dramas City Hall, On Air, and Lovers In Paris, which
already makes this a buzz project. Not much has been identified about
the plot (we can guess it’ll start out light and romantic, and ease into
the melodramatics in the latter half, if her previous dramas are any
indication), but it is planning for an August premiere.

Song Seung-heon is currently working on the remake of A
Better Tomorrow
(co-starring Joo Jin-mo, Kim Kang-woo,
Jo Han-seon
), which is slated for a Chuseok holiday release
later this fall.

I’m not a fan of all these flippant, generic-sounding titles (Oh My
Lady, My Fair Lady) and this one is no different; unless there’s a
literal princess involved, it’s not a title that makes much of an
impression. That aside, even if I weren’t indifferent to Song
Seung-heon, I think the draw here is really the writer. Personally, I
haven’t been a great fan of any of her series, but if you have been,
this will probably catch your interest.

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