Artist of the week - Big Mama

Shin Yeona
Date of birth : August 12th, 1973
Blood type : O
Nickname : Schindler
Motto : Live an earnest life.
Favorite musicians : Laura Figi, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald

Lee Ji-young
Date of birth : July 25th, 1975
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Graffiti, dreaming, walking, watching movies, reading, singing
Talent : Graffiti
Motto : Not being able to feel something means having no life.
Favorite musicians : Lauryn Hill, Bjork, Han Young-ae, Stevie Wonder

Lee Young-hyun
Date of birth : December 25th, 1981
Blood type : A
Hobby : Lip syncing
Talent : Singing
Motto : Be patient.
Favorite musicians : Sarah Borgman, Whitney Houston

Park Min-hye
Date of birth : September 18th, 1982
Blood type : B
Hobby : Listening to music
Motto : Pray to live.
Favorite musicians : Manhattan Transfer, Foreplay, Yang Hee-eun

For this week, we have the female power vocal group Big Mama. As the name shows, this group consist of of 4 “big” women – both in terms of physique and vocal talents. Despite their great talents in singing, most of the 4 members of the band had to perform as back chorus singers because of their “not so beautiful” appearances. Of course, that is only compared to the female singers who have Barbie-like figures and faces.

Yang Hyun-seok, Former member of Taiji and Boys, discovered the talents of the 4 female vocalists and teamed them up as a band to stir up the local pop music scene with a sensational wave that great singers with great voices can be successful without brilliant dances or appearances. Shin Yeona, the eldest member of the band had made her debut in the pop music scene by winning a silver prize at the Riverside Song Festival held in 1995.

Since then she had been actively performing as lyrics writer and singer behind the scenes of various television and radio commercials and theme songs for televisions dramas until she joined Big Mama. Lee Young-hyun had won a special prize at the Riverside Song Festival held in 2000. Lee Ji-young had performed with the Han Sang-won band as a vocalist.

One of the most extraordinary conditions of contract for the band Big Mama was that if any of the members would have a plastic surgery, the whole band will have to be disbanded. Thus, the promotion of the vocal band focused on highlighting the band’s vocal talent rather than its appearance. As soon as its debut, the band proved that it’s only the music that counts for the success of a band.

They consistently released albums after their debut but they take a rest after their 4th album in 2007. This break give opportunity to the members to do solo activities. They also no longer with YG Entertainment. Lee Young Hyun released her first album last year and have joint-concert with other power vocals of Korea.

This year, Big Mama made a comeback with their fifth studio album, three years since their last. This album is based on the concept of diversity as well Big Mama-esque styles. It took over two years to prepare and famous composers including Lee Hyeon Jeong, Hong Jeon Soo, and Ryu Hae Jun took part in it. The title track is “Go Crazy Waiting” which was composed by Vibe’s Ryu Hae Jun. It is about loving only one person and will continue to do so even after the love ends and the person leaves.


* Like the Bible (1st album, 2003) : Break away, Monolog, Refusal, Give Up, His Eyes Are on Sparrow

* It’s Unique (2nd album, 2005) : Sound, After Giving Up, Woman

* Big Mama’s Gift (Christmas album, 2005) : Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Let It Snow, The First Noel

* For the People (3rd album, 2006) : Nevermind, Love Gets Wings, Calling, Get Out, One Fine Day, Shout Love

* For The Christmas (Christmas album, 2006)

* Blossom (2007, 4th album)

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* 5 (2010)

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기다리다 미쳐 (Go Crazy Waiting)  [Music Video]

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