Son Dam Bi’s New Album Delayed To July

Sexy star Son Dam Bi will delay the release of her new album.

With the upcoming World Cup, Son
Dam Bi’s new album release date will be pushed back from May to
July. Because of that, we will not be able to see the showdown of the sexy
queens between Son Dam Bi and Lee Hyori.

To add on, as the aftermath of the tragic CheonAhm naval ship
sinking, it seems that promoting for the new album released in May on
various music shows may be difficult. We see the similar case in After School
which released the new song ‘Bang!’ recently but they were not able to
go on music shows as much to promote due to show cancellations.

A company representative said, “We have went through much discussions
between finally deciding that Son Dam Bi’s album release will be
delayed. It was a tough decision. With the World Cup games coming up in
June, it will be delayed till July.”

Currently, the recording works for the album is said to be completed.
But with the release date postponed, plans are for Son Dam Bi to continue preparing
for her comeback. An agency rep revealed, “We have included good songs
for the album, and we will focus on producing better level of perfection
with the album. At the same time, she will work hard on improving her
performance and vocals.”

S: SportsChosun

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