Jay Park To Release New Song In July

As you may have already heard, Jay Park , also known as Jaebeom, was
cast in the movie “Hype Nation” and will return to Korea this June.

Jason Lee, producer of upcoming movie “Hype Nation” was recently interviewed by Sports KHAN and talked about Jay Park’s upcoming plans.

During the interview, Jason Lee said that Jay also plans to release a new single “Demon” in both Korea and the US
on July 10. The song was composed by Teddy Riley, a popular American composer who has worked with many popular acts from the US.

Aside from “Demon”, Jay has recorded several other tracks featuring various talents such as Snoop Dogg, R&B singer Brandon, and T-Pain.

The movie will begin filming in June in Korea, followed by filming in the US, with plans for a Worldwide release in summer of 2011. Reported by: Kang Soo Jin

Credit: Sports KHAN, omonatheydidnt
by 49.5bananas @ W2D

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