C.N Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Diagnosed With Vocal Cord Nodules

C.N Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa has been diagnosed with having vocal cord nodules. Being a vocalist and rapper for the group, they will have to halt their activities for two weeks for him to recover.

A representative from their company, F&C Music, said today that Jung Yong Hwa felt weird during the recent filming of SBS “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” on April 21.

The rep added, “During the rehearsal before the actual filming, he felt that his vocals were locked and he could not project his voice well. The good thing is that the nodules are just in the early stages of development, so there is no need for surgery.”

He will need to rest for 2 weeks before resuming actives. C.N Blue is currently working on their Japanese and Korean albums.