New Idol Group 'Infinite' On Reality Show

Awhile back, we reported that upcoming boyband Infinite groomed by
hip-hop group Epik High will be appearing for the first time on reality
TV Mnet “You Are My Oppa”.

Until now, 3 episodes of the show has aired, and nolimitsubs
has subbed the 1st episode in English. For those who are curious about
the upcoming idol group, this reality show gave us a good introduction
of the dorky members.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

About the first episode-

Rookie idol group Infinite groomed by hip hop group Epik High will be
revealing themselves through a Mnet reality program.

7-member group Infinite has garnered much interests even before their
debut, and they will be showing themselves for the first time on Mnet
idol theatre “You are my elder brother” aired on April 12. For the
purpose of the reality program, from the first episode, a high school
female student will be introduced into their dormitory. Confused, the
members reportedly asked “What is going on? What is the meaning of

Tablo then came in to explain, “The one person who succeeds as a
elder brother will be the nation’s elder brother.”

Since they never had a female in their dormitory, the members were
flustered as well as excited with the joining of the female high school
student. “I always wished to have a younger sister. I have confidence to
take good care of her.”

Mnet said, “With the numerous number of idol groups in the music
industry now, many have taken the course of going on reality show to
display their various charms.”

Similar to what 2PM did with ‘Wild Bunny’, Infinite will take on the
challenge to be the nation’s top idol group through ‘You Are My Elder

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