f(x) Reveals Childhood Photos and New Song

Right before their comeback with mini-album “NU ABO”, the f(x) girls posted up new photos on me2day as well as posted up messages regarding their new song “NU ABO”, which was released on various music sites today. 

Click here to listen to “NU ABO”.

The photos posted on me2day were actually their own childhood photos!

Their messages:

    * Sulli’s me2day: Hello!! I am Su-Su-Sulli! Has everyone seen what I’ve earnestly prepared for `NU ABO`?? Please give me lots of love!! It’s the 5th of May which is Children’s Day soon, so unnies and I will be revealing our photos. Kk let’s play toys together, forget all our worries and fears, and return to the time when we were 3 years old! Who will be the next kids?~
    * Krystal’s me2day: Hi~~ I am Krystal coming in with `NU ABO`. You’ve been listening to our songs, right? ^^ I’m revealing a photo of when I was with my mom at the department store~. Soojung’s charisma began then kkk~ XOXO
    * Victoria’s me2day: I am Victoria~ Hello! I’m showing you a photo from when I was in 1st grade of elementary school, wearing a pretty dress for my grandma’s birthday ^^ Please follow `NU ABO` closely, and give lots of love to f(x), ok? We will work hard ^_=
    * Luna’s me2day: It feels so good to be able to start afresh with everyone with `NU ABO`. Haha this is a photo from when I was small… Because I was really shy when I took this photo… My face was really red~
    * Amber’s me2day: [Written in English] Wassup Everyone, amber here. ~!! The Camera is trying to eat me. Hope u like our new song ‘NU ABO’ ^^ kkk

Stay tuned for the upcoming MV for “NU ABO”!

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