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Kim C (vocal, guitar)
Real name : Kim Dae-won
Date of birth : November 15th, 1971
Physique : 174cm, 58kg
Education : Chooncheon High School
Hobbies : Baseball, football, making plastic models, gardening

Koh Beom-jun (bass)
Born: March 30, 1974
Physique: 182cm, 60kg
Education: Seoul Arts College
Career: 2007 Project group Peppermint Club member


Our featured artist of the week is rock group Hot Potato, who recently got a lot of attention with their hit song “Confession”.  Hot Potato used to have four members but now they become a duo with Kim C and Go Bum Joon. 

Kim C was a baseball player in his school days and had trained to play professionally while he was in high school, until one day when he suddenly wanted to become a singer. He started learning how to play the guitar at a small studio in his neighborhood, but didn’t like the instructor who only showed interest in girls who came for lessons. Kim C decided to learn how to play the guitar by himself, got a book of pop songs and practiced by himself. Having given up baseball, which was the only thing he had been doing before he decided to learn music, life seemed boundless. However, Kim C recollects that his dream to become a musician was too big that it filled up the desolate sense of emptiness in his life.

Kim C is close friends with rock musicians like Gangsanae and Yoon Do-hyun who settled in the local pop music scene way before he did. With some voluntary support by the two close musicians with Kim C and his own efforts, he formed the band Hot Potato and released its debut album in 2000.

The debut album of the band was not well known among pop music listeners, but Hot Potato finally emerged in the local pop music market with its second album entitled “New Turn.” Since the second album, Kim C started appearing on television and radio shows gaining popularity from the general public. Kim C even appeared in various television commercials thanks to his unique character.

Many people may know him better as a member of variety show “Two Days and One Night” than a musician of Hot Potato. He has shown its quiet, yet quirky personality on many TV and radio shows, and has even established a solid career as a documentary narrator. With Hot Potato’s latest hit “Confession” doing very well on charts, people see him now as a musician.




Navi (1st album, 2000-12-22) : Rugby Ball, Jingong Arigang, What Did I Do Today, Time, etc.

New Turn (2nd album, 2003-06-13) : Don’t Worry, Yohey!, U Turn, Irony, Bless Me, I Didn’t Known How to Love Me, etc.


Annals (3rd album, 2006-03-21) : Today Is, No Despair, Perfect Lower, Question, I’m Sorry, Sugar Cube, etc.


The Journey of Cultivating a Potato Field (2008-09-25) : Rain Tear, I Like Math, Superstition, Knock, Lizard, etc.


시소 (2010-03-30) : Confession, etc.


credits to KBS World

Hot Potato official soompi music thread:

고백 (Confession): MV Live Performance

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