Under The Radar – Vanilla Lucy

바닐라 루시 (Vanilla Lucy)
Company: HM 한맥엔터테인먼트, 팝 업엔터테인먼트
Official Site: http://vanillalucy.co.kr/
Daum fan cafe: http://cafe.daum.net/vanillalucy


다해 (Da Hae)
Full name: 배다해 (Bae Da Hae)
Position: Vocal
Born: September 7, 1983
Height: 164cm
Education: 2002-2006 [Yonsei University, BA]
Career: 2006 [Jumong OST “CheonAe2”]
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/vanillalucy

소라 (Sora)
Full name: 정소라 (Jung Sora)
Position: Saxophone
Born: February 24, 1988
Height: 165cm
Education: 2006-2010 [Korean National University of Arts, Bachelor]
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/lucysora

지연 (Ji Yeon)
Full name: 오지연 (Oh Ji Yeon)
Position: Violin
Born: October 21, 1985
Height: 168cm
Education: Seoul Univeristy
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/lucyjiyoun

혜라 (Hye Ra)
Full name: 유혜라 (Yoo Hye Ra)
Position: Cello
Born: August 16, 1981
Height: 165cm
Education: Kyung Hee University
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/finejy


Groups are typically divided into two categories – the typical female K-pop idol groups and the female bands with their drums, guitars, etc. Vanilla Lucy, however, is an exception. Its members play the cello, saxophone and violin, not your typical band instruments. Though there are other types of groups like Vanilla Lucy (i.e. Miji), Vanilla Lucy is able to exert a certain oomph and thus made me want to find out more information about. Since their short debut, I have become an avid follower.

Although the cello and violin may turn away some potential listeners because of their classical connotation, they are not at all detracting from the music. They create an interesting interaction with the main vocal melody as well as a well-rounded texture of sounds. The addition of the saxophone gives the music a romantic and jazzy feel. The unique mixture of these instruments also allows for the coverage of a wide range of pitches. The violin can hit notes higher than the normal soprano voice, while the cello can go much lower than what the normal female voice can sing. Additionally, all three instrumentalists are quite talented and are well adapted to performing on stage.

Da Hae, the vocalist, is not to be ignored, however. Her sweet voice is quite versatile as it can easily switch between different genres of music. At some points, her voice is pure, accenting a choir-like quality in the melody. In other songs, her voice is upbeat and carries a viscous-like texture.

Vanilla Lucy is set to be performing more on the regular music shows and their first album is also set to release on the 3rd of June.


비행(飛行) 소녀 (Single)
Released: 2010.04.13

01. 비행(飛行) 소녀
02. 비행(飛行) 소녀 (Inst.)

1st Album – Vanilla Shake
Releases: 2010.06.03

01. Intro (비갠뒤오후)
02. Lover Tonight
03. French Love (Korean Version)
04. 비행소녀 (주인공놀이)
05. Lucid Dream
06. Listen To The Music
07. French Love (English Version)
08. Listen To The Music
09. Sky In My Heart
10. Outro (Romantist)


Flight Girl

French Love

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