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Name: Birth name Hangul: 정지훈 Hanja: 鄭智薰 Revised Romanization : Jung Ji Hoon
Also known as Bi (비) / Pi (ピ) / Yu (雨) / Vu
Nickname : Woody (Toystory’s)
Date of Birth: June 25, 1982
Weight: 74kg
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: O
Family: Oldest with a younger sister
Hobbies:Watching movies, listening to music, collecting shoes/clothes
Education: Kyung Hee University – Post Modern Music Dept.
First album: April 28, 2002
Specialties: Music, Dance & Performance
Favorite Genre: R&B / Hip Hop / Funky
Favorite Maxim: Endless efforts, endless endurance, endless modesty
Favorite Color: White & Black
Favorite Sport: Swimming & Basketball
Favorite Singers/Musician: Park Jin Young, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher
Favorite Actor: Al Pacino, Han Suk Kyoo
Dream Lady: One who has a good first impression, is charming, and stylish
Date of Debut/First Appearance: April 24,2002 @Km music tank
Management Company : J.TUNE Entertainment
Official Fan Club : The Cloud
Name of Rain’s Fans : Cloud / Clouds
Fan Club Color : Silver
Signature :


This week we have Rain as the artist of the week. He has been popular for his singing and dancing talents since he was a teenager. As a teen, Rain fell in love with dancing. In order to make his dream of becoming a singer come true, Rain joined a dance music group named Fan Club. The group was made up of 6 male members who attempted to enter the local pop music market with the song “In Search of Dreams,” a remake version of Chumbawamba’s hit song “Tubthumping.” Although the band gained some interest, they didn’t create the sensation they had hoped for. After releasing its 2nd album in 1999, Fan Club decided to disband.

After the band broke up, Rain was scouted by noted producer and entertainer Park Jin Young and had another chance to make it in the local entertainment industry. Park Jin Young believed that Rain’s vocal ability and dance moves were sophisticated and strong and so he decided to train him to become a top star in the local pop music world.

Rain’s first solo album got a great response. Since then, every album Rain released has been successful. In addition to music, Rain has acted in several TV series, including the big hit Full House with co-star. Song Hye Gyo. 

After wrapping up his Madison Square Garden concert back in February 2006, Rain had the choice of either putting out an English album and jump head-first into the U.S. market or head back to Asia to cement his popularity with a world tour. He went with the latter because he felt that the first order of business was giving thanks and attention to those in Asia, where his current fan base was. Rain planned to officially release a much-anticipated English album towards the end of 2007.

In November of 2007, Rain left his longtime nest JYP Entertainment and started his own company, J. Tune Entertainment. And now, after establishing worldwide fame through his much publicized 2007 world tour and Hollywood exposure in films like Speed Racer and action flick Ninja Assassin, the multi-entertainer returned home to release his long-awaited fifth album, poignantly titled Rainism. By adding -ism to Rain’s name, the title for the album promoted a new ideology and concept that captured the essence of who he was and what he represented.

Taking full control of the album’s entire production, Rain was able to reveal his true colors through his own composition and choice of lyrics, through songs such as “Love Story” and “September 12th.” Composed and arranged by Choi Hyung Joon of V.O.S, “Love Story” is a pop R&B number that talks about the ugly side of love, surprisingly coming from the singer’s own experience. In the music video featuring actress Ha Ji Won, Rain extends his talent net by orchestrating the full storyline. Moreover, the star was able to upgrade his dance moves by collaborating with world-famous choreographer AJ, who previously worked with stars like Usher and Justin Timberlake.

In 2010, Rain returned with a special album, titled Back to the Basic. The meaning behind the title is that despite being in the music business for eight years, his heart and effort is still like that of a rookie artist. Many anticipated his new work which included a photo shoot that equally captured attention from fans and non-fans alike.  To the surprise of many fans, Rain went for a ballad “Love Song” as the title track, a song that showcased more of his vocal.  His follow up track was “Hip Song” a vintage power dance song.  Rain just recently wrapped up his album activities.  Despite his brief promotional time, this album has been very successful and has received excellent reviews by many.

Bad Guy (1st album, 2002) : Bad Guy, Baby Baby, What’s Love, Instead of Saying Good-bye
Rain (2nd album, 2003) : You Know Already, Do You Like Me Being Famous?, Running Away from the Sun, Instead of Saying Good-bye
It’s Raining (3rd album, 2004) : It’s Raining, I Do, Familiar Face, 11 Days, Quiz, But I Love You, Biggest Thing, Wanna Talk, No No No
I’m Coming (4th album, 2006) : Rain’s World, I’m Coming, With U, Him & Me, Don’t Stop, Move On, Touch Ya, Friends, Oh Yeah

Rainism (5th album, 2008) : My Way (Intro), Rainism, Only You, Love Story [0912……After], Love Is, My Girl, You, Fresh Woman, Better Girl (feat. Tae Wan a.k.a C-Luv), Turn Your Head, September 12th, My Way, Rainism Remix, Rainism (Chinese Version), Love Story [0912……After] (Chinese Version) 

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Special Album (2010) – Back To The Basic : Love Song, Hip Song, One, Same, Love Song – English Version)

Music Videos: Love Song
Soompi Music Thread: HERE

credits: KBS World, Rain official thread in soompi (thanks to jinjung for profile information)

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