Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2010 - June Week 1

1. (+3) Seo In Kook – 사랑해U (Love U) *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 ***
Score: 803
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Hwang Se Joon, Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: Seo In Kook mini-album “Just Beginning” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Superstar K winner Seo In Kook moves up three spots to become our surprised No. 1 song in the first week of June with “Love U”, from his first mini-album “Just Beginning”. “Love U” is a song which music lovers were able to see teasers of prior to the album’s release. The music video stars actress Kim Min Jung. “Love U” is different from his debut song “Calling You” as it is a medium tempo dance track that is well suited for the summer season. With this song’s solid scores across all categories, it becomes Seo In Kook’s first No. 1 song. Congratulations!

2. (–) Hot Potato – 고백 (Confession)
Score: 794
Genre: Rock Ballad
Music: Hot Potato / Lyrics: Kim C
Album: Hot Potato “Seesaw OST” Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: The title track of Hot Potato’s 5th full length album, ‘Seesaw.’ This song has a great combination of upbeat shuffle rhythm and string instructions. The lyrics are about feeling happy and nervous before making a confession of love. Completely different from Hot Potato’s usual progressive music, you will find ‘Confession’ quite lovely. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

3. (+2) Davichi – 시간아 멈춰라 (Time, Stop)
Score: 779
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Kim Do Hoon, Bang Shi Hyuk / Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: Davichi mini-album “Innocence” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Davichi is back with their latest mini-album “Innocence”. The title track “Time, Stop” is written by Hitman Bang Shi Hyuk, who has written many hit songs recently. Like their last hit song “8282”, “Time, Stop” also starts with a ballad like melody and then make a 180 degree turn on the chrous part to become an up-tempo song. This week it moves up another two spots to No. 3.

4. (+10) Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
Score: 766
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: Wonder Girls single “2 Different Tears” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Despite their very brief promotion, Wonder Girls found themselves in the top five in just two weeks with “2 Different Tears”. “2 Different Tears” once again has a retro theme. The group has had much success since their debut with hits including, “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and “Nobody” and have even debuted in the United States while performing as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers Tour last year. Their new album includes three versions of the title track, “2 Different Tears” as well as the English versions of their past hit songs. The title track is about the sad and happy feelings one has for their lover after breakup. The exciting 80s retro sounds and rhythm will capture listeners’ ears right away. This month, Wonder Girls will be doing their American concert tour. We wish them all the success.

5. (+6) Super Junior – 미인아 (Bonamana)
Score: 725
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin
Album: Super Junior Vol. 4 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Super Junior is up to No. 5 this week with their latest hit “Bonamana”, the title song from their 4th album. Despite doing well on TV station rankings and album sales, this song so far has not realized its potential yet on internet charts or airplays. The boys hope to show off their strong music and performance skills through this album. The concept is SJ Funky” (Super Junior Funky) which can be heard most strikingly in “Bonamana.”

6. (-5) 2PM – Without You
Score: 704
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Park Jin Young
Album: 2PM single Vol. 3 “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of 2PM’s 3rd single album, “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.” It’s a House song about a man recovering after being hurt by his lover’s lies and betrayal. Its’ unique sound is from the combination of sounds from an analog instrument, the piano, and an digital instrument, the synthesizer. The resolute words in the chorus is impressive. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

7. (-1) F(x) – NU 예삐오 (Nu Abo)
Score: 681
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music: Thomas Troelsen, Cutfather / Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin
Album: F(x) mini-album “Nu Abo” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Pop dance group, f(x) returns this month with their first mini album. Last September, the girls had debuted with their first digital single, “Lachata” and were able to show off their individual charms and skills. This new album has a total of six tracks of top notch where the girls are able to show off a strong performance and color. The title song “Nu Abo” is a fresh dance number that injects “new blood” into K-pop. This week it dropped one spot to No. 7.

8. (–) 8Eight – 이별이 온다 (Breakup Is Coming)
Score: 674
Genre: R&B Ballad
Music + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: 8Eight mini-album Vol. 1 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: It is fitting that 8Eight is at No. 8 this week again with “Breakup Is Coming”. 8eight, the top mixed group in Korea, has returned with their first mini album, The Bridge. They have collaborated with Bang Shi Hyuk once again with title track, “Breakup is Coming,” a sad ballad about a couple who has just separated. 2PM member, Nickkhun is to star in the music video for this song.

9. (-6) Gummy – 남자라서 (Because I’m A Man)
Score: 664
Genre: R&B Ballad
Music + Lyrics: Teddy
Album: Gummy mini-album “Loveless” Track 4 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title song of Gummy’s mini-album “Loveless”. “Because I’m A Man.” is not Gummy’s usual r&b song, it’s a hiphop r&b song that has strong beats. The song show’s womens’ perspectives when men slowly show their selfishness as time passes. The MV of this song stars SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Ryu Won. This week it dropped six spots to No. 9.

10. (+17) CNBlue – Love
Score: 661
Genre: Rock
Music: SEIKOZI / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho
Album: CNBlue 2nd mini-album “Blue Love” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: 2010’s top rookie band CNBLUE who had hyped up the music scene with their single, “Loner” earlier this year has returned with their second mini album. Their songs are upgraded alternative rock based ballads with a hint of rap, showcasing their full potential as a band. The title song “Love” made a big 17 spots jump this week into the top 10. Looks like it will be another chart topping hit.

Score: 536
Genre: Pop / Dance
Music + Lyrics: Rain
Album: MBLAQ 2nd single album “Y” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: 5-member boy band, MBLAQ is back with their second single album. Through this comeback, the group is expected to show fans different sides of them with songs ranging from dance, emotional ballads, to stylish Jazz& R&B numbers. The title track is “Y,” a song with strong bass and drum sounds. The boys’ strong vocals are to be showcased in this song, composed and penned by Rain himself. It is our biggest mover this week, up 26 spots to No. 11.

12. (-5) Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Score: 529
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: Lee Hyori Vol. 4 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Title song of Lee Hyo-ri’s 4th album “H-Logic.” Based on the powerful sound of Southern hip hop, the song signals the brilliant comeback of K-Pop queen Lee Hyo-ri. The powerful accompaniment sounds as if the music is being played live. Lee Hyo-ri participated in writing the lyrics. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

13. (-4) Vibe – 다시 와주라 (Come To Me Again)
Score: 528
Genre: R&B Ballad
Music: Ryu Jae Hyun / Lyrics: Ryu Jae Hyun, Park Kyung Jin
Album: Vibe Vol. 4 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: One of the top R&B groups in Korea is back! Vibe has finally made a comeback after four years with their fourth studio album, titled In Praha. Members Ryu Jae Hyun and Yoon Min Soo are active writing songs for other artists but it’s been a while since the duo had their own release. Fans and non-fans alike will enjoy the group’s emotional vocals that had been missed. The album jacket was taken in Praha, the city of love. The title song “Come To Me Again” is written by Ryu Jae Hyun. The MV of this song stars popular actress Lee Ji Ah.

14. (+20) 4minute – Huh
Score: 520
Genre: Pop / Dance

Album: 4minute 2nd mini-album “Hit Your Heart” Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: 4Minute, one of last year’s top rookie female group, has returned with their second mini album, Hit Your Heart with an even stronger image. Their title track is “HUH” which was composed by Sinsadong Tiger. It holds lyrics about not being able to hold one’s dreams down, and being different from others. This week it moves up 20 big spots to No. 14.

15. (-2) Brown Eyed Soul – Love Ballad
Score: 403
Genre: R&B Ballad

Album: Brown Eyed Soul 2nd double single Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: Brown Eyed Soul, who had released a double single, “Will Move Aside”/”Blowin’ My Mind” in March has returned once again with their second double single, “Love Ballad”/”Never Forget” to showcase their clear colors and make a big impact to the public. “Love Ballad” will garner the interests of music listeners who had continuously loved the group’s music. The four members’ vocals harmonize well and Naul’s adlibs are worth hearing. This week “Love Ballad” dropped two spots to No. 15.

16. (+5) Lyn – 자기야, 여보야, 사랑아 (Darling, Honey, Love)
Score: 361
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Hwang Sung Je / Lyrics: Lyn
Album: Lyn Vol. 6 Part 2 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Lyn makes a comeback after half a month with the second installation of her sixth album, Candy Train. Through this album, Lyn hopes to shows another side of her with brighter love songs. This album is for those who are waiting for their love one or have already fallen in one. The title track is “Darling, Honey, Love” composed by hit maker, Hwang Seong Je, who had also produced her previous album. It is a cute, listener friendly medium tempo R&B track with strong hip hop beats, perfect for this spring/early summer season. It also features a cute and colorful MV. The style is totally different from Lyn’s previous songs. This week it moves up five spots to No. 16.

17. (-1) December – 별이 될게 (Tears In Heaven)
Score: 353
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music + Lyrics: Oh Sung Hoon
Album: December digital single “Tears In Heaven” Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Fast rising male ballad duo December scores their third straight top 20 hit with “Tears In Heaven”. This listener friendly ballad showcases the duo’s great harmonizing skills and it may be their best song to date. “Tears In Heaven” dropped one spot to No. 17 this week.

18. (+8) Lee Seung Chul – 너에게 물들어간다 (Blending Into You)
Score: 350
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music + Lyrics: Choi Yong Chan
Album: Lee Seung Chul 25th Anniversary Special Album Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV
Comment: To celebrate his 25th years in the music industry, Lee Seung Chul releases a special album features the singer himself and other well known artists like Kim Tae Woo, Ivy, JYP, and Kim Bum Soo, etc. The title track “Blending Into You” is a contemporary ballad. The MV of this song features Eugene. This week it moves up eight spots to No. 18.

19. (-4) Rain – 널 붙잡을 노래 (Song That Will Get You)
Score: 346
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Rain, Kim Tae Wan / Lyrics: Rain
Album: Rain special album “Back To The Basic” Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Title song of Rain’s 6th album, “Back To The Basic.” A beautiful song with piano accompaniment with music and lyrics written by Rain himself. The sad ballad has touching lyrics about a man who is trying to convince his lover not to leave. Actress Han Ye-seul has perfect chemistry with Rain in the music video. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

20. (-8) Suh Young Eun (with Jung Yup) – 이 거지같은말 (Those “Good-For-Nothing” Words)
Score: 304
Genre: Pop Ballad
Music: Kim Se Jin / Lyrics: Suh Young Eun
Album: Suh Young Eun digital single “With” Track 1
Watch: MV Teaser Live Performance
Comment: One of the great female vocalists in Korea, Suh Young Eun, teams up with Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup to produce a wonderful duet ballad “Those Good-For-Nothing Words”. Suh Young Eun says that this song was made but without a title. Finally, she came up with the title after inspiration from current ongoing hit drama “Cinderella Sister.” This week, Suh Young Eun made rare appearances on gayo shows to promote this song due to its popularity. It is definitely her biggest hits in many years.

21 . (-11) Secret – Magic : 286
22 . (-2) Jung Sul Gi – 결국 제자리 ( In the End, In the Same Place ) : 264
23 . (New) SS501 – Love Ya : 236 *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***
24 . (-1) Bobby Kim – 남자답게 ( Like a Man ) : 217
25 . (New) Monday Kiz – 가지마 ( Don’t Go ) : 189
26 . (-7) Kim Yoon Ah – Going Home : 186
27 . (+23) M to M – 기념사진 ( Memorial Photos ) : 170
28 . (New) Epitone Project (duet Lee Jin Woo) – 한숨이 늘었어 ( Sigh Got Longer ) : 147
29 . (New) SNSD & 2PM – Cabi Song : 142
30 . (-6) Ye Sung (Super Junior) – 너 아니면 안돼 ( Can’t Be But You: KBS Drama “Cinderella’s Sister” OST ) : 141
31 . (New) Gil Me – 사랑은 전쟁이다 ( Love Is War ) : 133
32 . (-14) After School – 뱅 ( Bang! ) : 131
33 . (-8) Rumble Fish – 어쩌지 ( What To Do ) : 116
34 . (-1) SG Wannabe & Ok Ju Hyun – 페이지원 ( Page One: SBS Drama “Coffee House” OST ) : 115
35 . (-6) SNSD – Run Devil Run : 111
36 . (–) K Will & Miryo – 버스가 떠난 뒤에 ( After the Bus Left ) : 109
37 . (New) Hwa Yobi – Bye Bye Bye : 100
38 . (-7) Seo In Young – 잘가요 로맨스 ( Goodbye Romance ) : 97
39 . (-9) Choi Hyun Joon – 너 없으면 죽어 ( I’d Die Without You ) : 94
40 . (+7) Park Hye Kyung – 새 남자친구 ( A New Boyfriend ) : 75
41 . (+4) Lee Jung Hyun – 수상한 남자 ( Shady Man ) : 72
42 . (-10) Beast – Shock : 68
43 . (+1) Verandah – Bike Riding : 55
44 . (-6) JeA and Miryo – Love Is… : 51
45 . (+4) T-Ara – 너 때문에 미쳐 ( Crazy Because of You ) : 42
46 . (-18) Soya N Sun – 웃으며 안녕 ( Say Goodbye While Smiling ) : 37
47 . (-12) Haha (with Tiger JK) – 술병 ( Alcohol Bottle ) : 37
48 . (-8) Epik High – Run : 23
49 . (Re) Double K (feat. Gil Hak Mi) – Favorite Music : 20
50 . (New) Park Sae Byul – 물망초 ( Forget Me Not ) : 4

Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20
Green: Editor’s recommendations under top 20

Coconut – Hello
Genre: Folk Rock Ballad

Album: Coconut digital single Hello Track 1
Watch: MV
Comment: One-member band, Coconut has released their digital single, “Hello” for the spring season. Singer songwriter, Yoon Hyun Mi (26) has joined hands with modern rock producer, Shin Dong Woo to create a J-Pop influenced warm modern folk song, “Hello.” The song is about the loss of innocent love. (credits to motoway065 for translations)

Kim Bum Soo – 보고 싶다 (Missing You)
Genre: Pop Ballad

Album: Kim Bum Soo Vol. 3 (2002) Track 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Kim Bum Soo is an R&B singer famous for his smooth, well controlled and emotive vocals. He debuted in 1999 as a faceless singer and has had six albums thus far. His first hit song was “One Day” from his second album, getting major help from a movie like MV starring Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Kyo, both fresh off from “Autumn Tale”, and Ji Jin Hee. At that time, Kim Bum Soo still hadn’t made a public appearance. He started to promote his songs more from his third album on with the title song, “Missing You” which was later featured as the theme song for the famous SBS drama, Stairway To Heaven (feat Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Tae Hee, Park Shin Hye, Lee Wan.) This is a very sad ballad song that has been remade and sung in radio shows by many other artists. Kim Bum Soo has performed not only in East Asia but globally, such as America. (credits to ~S2~)

Sources of the chart

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
Cable Sources (MNet, KMTV, Cable Airplays) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Dosirak, Bugs, Melon, Naver, Monkey3, Daum, Cyworld, Soribada) – 15%
ChartKorea – 10%
Hottracks Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS Inky Gayo Take 7 + Internet Chart + MP3 Download Chart – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
Gasoo appearance on gayo shows (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MNet M!Countdown, MBC Music Travel LaLaLa, SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, KBS Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook, MTV Non-stop, Pops In Seoul) – 5%

thanks to Mardi09 for helping on this week’s internet chart researches.

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