New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 June Week 1

Koyote First Mini-Album – Koyote Ugly (June 10)

01 Lovely (feat. Chun Myung Hun)
02 Nocturne
03 Return
04 Did You Even Love
05 Spark
06 Return – MR
07 Did You Even Love – MR

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Korea’s representative mixed group, Koyote returns after a four year hiatus with a new album, “Koyote Ugly.” The title track is “Return” a dance number composed by Park Geun Tae. It has house rhythms and trendy sounds that flow well with the bounciness of Shinji and Kim Jong Min’s vocals. Listeners will know right away that this is a very Koyote-like number. However, the group will also show a different side through their other songs such as ballad number, “Did You Even Love” and “Spark” which has strong beats and rhythms.

T-Max – Born To The Max (June 7)

01 Born to the Max (Intro)
02 Words I Can Tell You
03 Don’t Be Rude
04 All Along
05 Before My Heart Beats Ten Times
06 In Order to Be One (Interlude)
07 Say My Name
08 Let’s Go
09 I’m This Kind of Man
10 Bad You
11 Romantic Blues
12 Confessing
13 Want (Rockin’ Beats Mix)

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T-Max, who debuted in 2007, finally returns to the music scene with their first studio album, “Born to the Max.” During the hiatus, member Park Yoon Hwa had left for military service and replacing him are two new members. The title track is “Don’t Be Rude,” a song that brings the group out both musically and visually. This song in a way can be a spell for listeners to help feel better after encountering frustration in life.

Seo In Young (EP) – Love Elly (released)

01 Goodbye Romance
02 Write Love and Call it Pain
03 Can’t I Love
04 Teach Me
05 I Have a Lover

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Style icon, Seo In Young returns as a solo singer with a special mini album, titled “Love Elly.” This is her first solo work since the breakup of girl group, Jewelry and it is made for fans who have followed her since her debut in 2001. Through this ballad album, Seo In Young showcases a more refined image in contrast to her style during her Jewelry days. The title track is “Write Love and Call It Pain,” a work co-produced by hitmaker Park Geun Tae and Jung Byung Gi.

Jang Yoon Jung Vol. 5 – Will You Come (June 8)

01 Will You Come
02 Fire Butterfly
03 Ah Cha Cha
04 Stocking
05 Abandonment
06 First Marriage
07 Culprit Song
08 Can’t Say
09 Sense
10 Casanova
11 Like You
12 Will You Come Remix
13 Will You Come MR
14 Fire Butterfly MR

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The trot queen, Jang Yoon Jung is back this summer with her fifth album, “Will You Come,” two years since her last. The fourteen track album is filled with songs ranging from Hawaiian house music to Latin dance genres, upgrading it even further. The title track is “Will You Come” a fresh and lively number perfect for the hot summer. It blends Hawaiian music and house rhythms together, bringing out a fusion style. It is composed by Lim Kang Hyun who is also noted for Jang’s hit tracks, “Flower” and “Jjan Jja Ra.” Other songs included in the album are “Fire Butterfly” which has Bokgo dance sounds popular in the 80’s and “Culprit Song,” a ballad with an oriental feel.

Lee Seung Ki, Kim Yun Ah (single) – Smile Boy (released)

01 Smile Boy (Rock Version)

Korea’s top icons, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yun Ah finally release “Smile Boy” rock version this month through the internet. Unlike the previous acoustic version, this has a faster tempo that showcases Kim Yun Ah’s charming vocals and Lee Seung Gi’s refreshing voice. The song is to bring hope for Korea’s national soccer team.

IU (single) – Nagging (released)

01 Nagging (With Lim Seul Ong of 2AM)
02 Rain Drop

IU, who had debuted at a young age of 16 with ballad number, “Missing Child” had showed the mass her strong vocals and helped bring her name out in the light. This year, IU has returned with a new single. The title track is “Nagging” which was co-composed by Lee Min Soo who was responsible for Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and G.Gorilla of bands, Eve and Sprinkler. Seul Ong of 2AM is featured in this song, garnering interests among fans.

Other releases:

Bubble Sisters (single) – The Happiness 4 Us 2nd (released)
Sistar – Push Push (released)
Suk Hee 1st mini-album – First Experience (released)
Supreme Team Vol. 1 – Spin Off: Supremier Repack (released)
Namolla Family (single) – 기억상실증 (released)
Noblesse Vol. 4 – Last Romance (June 7)
Mr. Boomba – Cook The Music (June 8)
Gutz Vol. 1 – Gutz (June 8)
Infinite – First Invasion (June 8)
Eleven Vol. 1 – Toy Ballon (June 8)
Downhell – Runaway (June 9)
Coin Rocker Boys – Insert Coin (June 9)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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