The Wonder Girls Featuring 2PM In Los Angeles

I’m excited to see what JYP has cooked up for us today. Let’s see what’s on the menu! 2PM followed up by Wonder Girls! This can’t be bad, right?

Man meat, that sums up 2PM in a heartbeat (no pun intended)! Now I clearly understand why 2PM are called the “beastly” idols. They are literally six raw slabs of man meat. They brought all the essentials: ripped, toned bodies, overwhelming dance techniques, and enough testosterone to keep girls salivating and screaming until the bittersweet end. And yeah, Junsu was also in the house!

2PM packed some serious energy! No surprise there. They’re famed internationally for knowing how to keep the atmosphere hot with perspiration. All the hits were performed! Without U, Heartbeat, I Hate You, Again & Again and just when the icing on the cake was about to melt, they busted out with 10 Points Out Of 10. Yup. Even though they were the opener, we still got a full course meal of 2PM.

Although technically they were an appetizer. The headliner of this tour is The Wonder Girls, and were I to crown a single word to describe them, it would probably be fierce.

For instance, check out this FIERCE intro! Hard, club beats drop and a layer of white screen sheaths the stage from view, startled only by the fiercesome five’s silhouettes. Each silhouette punches a sharp, saucy dance introduction, before the screen is finally lifted and reveals the girls to the audience for the first time. Niiiiiiice intro! Just like JYP’s concert a few weeks prior, the intro is very memorable and stylish.

One worry I had for the Wonder Girls headlining tour is that they have very few original English songs to contribute to the show. How will they acommodate the setlist?! Well! JYP has that covered.

The girls performed a variety of English hits, such as The Pussycat Dolls’ Don’t Cha. Following that sassy introduction and keeping the momentum up could have been a rough task, but the girls handled it like pro’s. Don’t Cha brought more heat to the stage, and a skillful play on words transitioned the song into their famous dance track, So Hot.

When it comes to mastering the fine art of timing and staying in sync, the Wonder Girls are an impressive groupe des cinq. Truly The Wonder Girls were sculpted with the utmost precision and care. Every jab, spin, and twist is polished, clean and timed with a high level of consistency. Being witness to all that sharp, exquisite choreography made me very aware that their schedule must be ridiculously tight to accommodate all those rehearsals. Only massive dedication wields choreography that tight.

One of the more memorable breaks was when new member Hye Lim, in a somewhat scripted voice, introduced herself and the other members. It wasn’t some lazy “I’m her, this is that girl, and there’s that other girl over there” deal. More like, “So you know about them, but what do you know about me?” And cut to this! Thundering club beats hit the speakers unexpectedly, and Hye Lim launches into a break-or-make cover of Lil Mama’s “My Lipgloss“.

For Wonder Girls enthusiasts this was a very pleasant surprise. Each Wonder Girl had their own cover lined up, each melded perfectly with their personality — a cool song (Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow“) for Yoobin, a sophisticated number (Duffy’s “Mercy“) for Yenny, a sassy tune (Beyonce’s “Single Ladies“) for Sohee, and a confident solo (Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi“) for leader Sunye. This was a sweet bonus! And the girls’ personalities really shone through.

Another sweet surprise? “Saying I Love You” off the Wonder Years Trilogy album was performed as a serenade to the crowd. Yenny revealed her capability for playing piano, and soft whisps of shimmering “snow” filtered into the air. The all around effect was pretty stirring and it was touching to see the girls show their softer side in this remarkable ballad performance.

For the most part however, this Wonder Girls event was entirely constructed from two words: bold and sass. Case in point? “2 Different Tears.” The pitch-perfect vocal rendition of that track alone was enough to win over any skeptic in the audience (yeah, can’t fool me! I see you there 2PM fan and I know you downloaded Wonder Girls after the show was over!).

Nearing the end of the night, it began to puzzle me why “Nobody” hadn’t been performed yet, with the exception of the Rainstone remix. Wasn’t this their big international hit?! Where was the well-timed, retro choreographed infamous version that had swept through YouTube and conquered the internet-typing world at?! Saved for last. Of course… Always save the best for last.

One thing I like about both 2PM and Wonder Girls is that they showcase the best qualities of their respective genders. 2PM displays agility, strength, competitiveness, and muscle. Wonder Girls displays sass, sexiness, confidence, and curves. So for boys and girls alike, it’s not just a performance that can be experienced, but it can double as a learning experience as well. As a girl, I felt inspired by the Wonder Girls’ saucy dance moves and trim bodies. A guy might feel that 2PM has a lot of charisma and charm.

The Wonder Girls and 2PM are at such high levels in terms of dance, physicality, style, and vocal ability. They give a visual idea of how high the bar is set and in turn, grant motivation to those of us watching to step it up a notch.

That said, let me end by saying, if you’re a dancer, see the Wonder Girls on tour. If you’re a singer, see the Wonder Girls tour. If you have any aspirations of joining the entertainment industry at all, go see them on tour! There is definitely a sense of value to be gained from watching them display their talents. Plus they’re just fun to watch!

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