Under The Radar - Urban Zakapa

Members of Urban Zakapa:


조현아 (Jo Hyun Ah)

권순일 (Kwon Sun Il)

박용인 (Park Young In)

최재만 (Choi Jae Man)



Guitar: 윤지민 (Yoon Ji Min)

Piano: 최윤정 (Choi Yoon Jeong)

Keyboard: 이지호 (Lee Ji Ho)

Double Bass: 백하형기 (Baek Ha Hyeong Ki)

Drums: 한태용 (Han Tae Young)

Urban Zakapa is an indie-jazz group consisting of nine members; four vocalists and five instrumentalists. Of the four vocalists, there is one female vocal and three male vocals. The female vocal, Jo Hyun Ah has been featured alongside various artists such as J’Kyun, RIMI, XEPY, Verbal Jint, Cloud Dancer, Steady B, and Overclass. Urban Zakapa is one of those bands that can’t to be missed out on as they leave a lasting impression on the audience with their musical endeavors.

“Café Latte”, which was initially released as a single, is a song you’d put on repeat. The addicting melody pitted against the acoustic guitar and piano creates a gentle and warm feeling. The opening vocalist, Choi Jae Man, has a sweet voice, backed with a thick and addictive quality. Kwon Soon Il, on the other hand, has a lighter and more delicate voice. The third verse features Park Young In’s husky vocals, which refreshingly provides a break from the smooth harmonies of the chorus. The chorus is set apart from the rest of the song with relaxing harmonies drawn from all four singers. Furthermore, Jo Hyun Ah’s uniquely powerful voice provides strong support for the bridge.

Though the four vocalists carry distinctive qualities within their singing style, all are well suited for the jazz and R&B fusion Urban Zakapa embraces.   Although the recorded songs themselves provide a great musical experience, Urban Zakapa’s live performances should also be greatly appreciated. All the members exhibit strong musicality and stage presence. Additionally, the chemistry between the vocalists is amplified through their emotion and expressiveness.


커피를 마시고 (Single)
Released: 2009.07.20

01. 커피를 마시고 (Main Version)
02. Let Me Be The One
03. Inevitability
04. Love Is All Around
05. 커피를 마시고 (Arpeggio Version) (Crystal S. Remix)

Sweety You (Album)
Released: 2009.12.10

01. Sweety you
02. Crush
03. 지겨워
04. 떠나는 사람, 남겨진 사람
05. Urban Zakapa (Interlude)
06. 커피를 마시고 (Main Version)
07. Let Me Be The One
08. Inevitability
09. Love Is All Around
10. 커피를 마시고 (Arpeggio Version) (Crystal S. Remix)
11. Sweety you (Instr.)
12. 커피를 마시고 (Main Version) (Instr.)



Cafe Latte Main Version(Live)

Cafe Latte (Live)

Inevitability (Live)

Crush (Live)

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