Jang Yoon Jung Speaks Out On Malicious Rumors

Yesterday, trot queen Jang Yoon Jung honestly spoke out about her relationship with comedian No Hong Chul and the rumors behind it on MBC’s television show “Golden Fisheries.” She claimed that the various rumors that spread during and after her relationship caused her to undergo the hardest time of her life.


The singer explained that when the two were dating, wedding and pregnancy rumors were circulating, but she did not take them to heart since they were false. However, gossip continued to thrive even when the couple decided to break off their ties due to their very different personalities. Just when the two mutually decided to remain as friends, breakup rumors began to explode in the media, putting them in a very difficult situation. The two could not deny such news reports in fear that it would only feed the fire.


The rumors would not cease as some claimed that “the breakup was due to No Hong Chul’s mysophobia” or because “Jang Yoon Jung’s parents were against the marriage.” What was worse was when someone said that “she went to the United States to have a famous person’s baby.” These false rumors gave Jang and her parents shock.


Jang Yoon Jung ended the show with a note saying that “living as a female celebrity is like being able to look through a restroom made of glass.” It is very depressing to hear the hardships many female entertainers have to go through.


Source: IS Plus, Tistory