Mnet M! Countdown 07.01.10 Performances

Performer’s List: Taeyang ft. G-Dragon, KAT-TUN, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, 4Minute, T-ara’s Soyeon and Jiyeon, Infinite, Sistar, Baby VOX’s Kan Mi Yeon, LPG, Sunny Side MJ, 2WINS, miss A

It’s an exciting M! Countdown today filled with many stellar comebacks and special guests from Japan!


Taeyang brings us THREE fantastic performances from his latest album “SOLAR”; each one with a uniqueness of its own. Kan Mi Yeon & MBLAQ’s Mir take the stage with their electronic-pop single, “Crazy.” JYP’s miss A makes their debut with “Bad Girl Good Girl.” 4minute comes back with “I My Me Mine.”


Currently preparing for their Korean concert, Japan’s number one idols, KAT-TUN is also on today’s show to perform their hit, “The D-Motion.”


There’s something for everyone today. Check the videos below!

Taeyang – You’re My, I Need a Girl (Feat. G-Dragon), Just a Feeling



KAT-TUN – Interview, The D-Motion



Kan Mi Yeon – Crazy (Feat. Mir)


miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl


4minute – I My Me Mine


CNBLUE – Love, Winning



Infinite – Come Back Again


Sistar – Push Push


Soyeon & Jiyeon (T-ara) – What Shall We Finish?

2wins – Star Guy


Sunny Side MJ – Sunflower



LPG – Love’s Door Bell


Cr: BigBangSHINeeWorldSK@yt, kpopflash (Performer’s List)

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