Brown Eyes Girls’ Narsha to Stand Alone with Mini Album

Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls approaches fans with album jacket photos prior to the release of her solo mini album. These pictures reveal various images that seem to represent good and evil with its surreal look.





The singer had previously released a teaser video for “I’m In Love” which garnered positive responses from netizens. It is a remake of singer songwriter Ra.D’s song and it will showcase Narsha’s emotional vocals. This soft, mellow track that incorporates the acoustic guitar has been released today.


“I’m In Love” Teaser


Narsha hopes to show an upgraded image from what she has previously shown through Brown Eyed Girls, through this new concept. It is known that the artist has put in lots of effort for this album.


The second set of photos will be released on July 5th and the mini album will be available both online and in stores on July 9th. Stay tuned for further updates!


Source: Newsen & YouTube (mrgoldenfishman3)