Get to Know More About Ulzzangs Through "Ulzzang Shidae" Season 3

For all you ulzzang (literally meaning, best face) fans, get ready for the third installation of reality show, “Ulzzang Shidae!” The show will basically reveal some of the inside stories and lifestyles of popular net idols in Korea. The guests for this season are Kim Min Jun, Kim Si Young, Park Ji Ho, Lee Do Young, Moon Ya El, Baek Jae Ah, and Hong Yong Gi.


Ulzzang Hong Young Gi, who appeared in both season one and two, will also be the assistant MC alongside MC Kim Tae Hyun. She has been garnering much popularity through this show and has been nicknamed “Ulzzang Park Kyeon Rim.” Hong hopes that through this role, she will be able to progress the show by opening the hearts of fellow participants on the show.


The first episode will air on July 3rd at 10:30PM on Comedy TV. Be sure to check it out!




Kim Min Jun

Birthday: 1988

Height: 182 cm

Tidbit: Gained popularity for resembling Boys Over Flowers’ Goo Jun Pyo

Manages a shopping mall


Kim Si Young

Birthday: 1993

Height: 180 cm

Tidbit: Chosen as the “New Ulzzang” out of 4000 people

Currently a high school student


Park Ji Ho

Birthday: 1989

Height: 182 cm

Tidbit: Known for his cute “aegyo” in “Ulzzang Shidae 2”

A real pure man and romanticist for his girlfriend, Yoo Hae Joo

Manages a shopping mall


Lee Do Young

Birthday: 1990

Height: 172 cm

Tidbit: Lead vocalist for a band

Loves food


Moon Ya El

Birthday: 1992

Height: 165 cm

Tidbit: Doll-like face girl who transformed into a goddess

Drinks 4 liters of water everyday

Known as the “mirror girl” of “Ulzzang Shidae 3”

Currently a high school student


Baek Jae Ah

Birthday: 1991

Height: 161 cm

Tidbit: Known for her transparent, no make-up image

Known for her looks and smarts

Currently a college student


Hong Yong Gi

Birthday: 1992

Height: 149 cm

Tidbit: Known for her cuteness and charm

Returnee of the show with an additional one cm increase in height

Ulzzang Shidae’s mascot

Currently a high school student



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Source: Review Star, Comedy TV, Google

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