Raina Shocked By Orange Caramel Concept

After School’s Raina talks about her initial thoughts on the concept of the unique group, Orange Caramel.

Raina was recently featured for an interview with T-News and stated, “At first, when I heard about the concept of Orange Caramel, I was shocked. Honestly I was just flustered and shocked. I didn’t know that we would end up doing such a concept. It was not a style I liked.”


She added, “But still, with practice, I began to get excited and addicted to it. With time, I began to like it and enjoy doing it. It was fun to show others and have them shocked to know that After School can actually do such a concept. We will work hard.”


Orange Caramel is the first unique group from After School consisting of members Raina, Nana and Lizzy. Their hit song is “Magic Girl.”





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