SBS Inkigayo 07.04.10 Performances

SBS Inkigayo 2010.07.04

# Comeback Special #
* Taeyang
* Kan Min Young

# New Release #
* Super Junior
* 4minute

Hot Debut
* miss A

# TAKE 7
* CN Blue
* Orange Caramel

# Fresh Music #
* Jang Yoon Jung
* 2wins
* Sunny Side

# Hot Music #
* Infinite
* Sistar
* So Yeon (T-Ara)

# Extras #
– Green Sports Song – 2PM


On today’s show, Kan Mi Yeon and Taeyang make their comebacks on the Inkigayo stage! Also, Super Junior performs their newest hit, “No Other.” 4minute performs “I My Me Mine” and their outfits have been a hot topic on today’s show! And for those who enjoyed 2PM’s “Green Sports Song” from last week, we are treated to a special Pt. 2! Also, congrats to CNBLUE for taking a second Mutizen Award!


Today’s Winner + Encore




Taeyang – You’re My, I Need a Girl (Feat. G-Dragon)


Super Junior – No Other


4minute – I My Me Mine


Kan Mi Yeon – Going Crazy (Feat. Mir of MBLAQ)


miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl


2PM – Green Sports Song Pt. 2


Infinite – Come Back Again




Orange Caramel – Magic Girl


Sistar – Push Push


Soyeon (T-ara) – What Shall We Finish?


2Wins – Star Guy



Performer’s list cr: Senorita_@soompi
Video cr: CrazyCarrot, MusicCorea@yt