New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 July Week 1

Son Dam Bi 3rd mini-album – The Queen (July 8)
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01 Db Rider
02 Queen
03 Beat Up By a Girl
04 Can’t U See
05 Super Duper
06 Queen – INST
07 Can’t U See – INST

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Korea’s top trendy icon, Son Dam Bi has returned after a year and four months of preparation with her third mini album, “The Queen.” The singer shows a 180 degree transformation in contrast to her past retro style bokgo dance songs. The title track is “Queen” which incorporates electronica and rock to bring about a new style of pop dance music. The bouncy rhythms along with its addictive chorus and rap will catch listeners’ attention right away. Another song in the album is “Can’t U See,” composed by Bae Ji Ryul who has also composed Rain’s “Rainism” and Seungri’s “Strong Baby.” This medium tempo ballad number has a great lyrical melody line that brings out emotions.


Tae Yang – Solar: 2010 Std. Ed (July 9)
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01 Solar (Intro) 

 02 Superstar

03 I Need a Girl – feat. G-Dragon

04 Just a Feeling

05 You’re My

06 Move – feat. Teddy

07 Break Down

08 After You Fall Asleep – feat. Swings

09 Where U At

10 Wedding Dress

11 Take It Slow

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Tae Yang who received much love through his mini album, “Hot” has returned after two years with his first full length album, “Solar.” This album holds special meaning for the singer himself as it celebrates the ten year dream he had since his days as a trainee. The title track is “I Need a Girl” which was composed by rookie producer Jun Gun. Tae Yang’s mellow vocals flow well with the easy melody line and special rap featuring by fellow Big Bang member, G-Dragon. Other songs worth a listen are “Superstar” and “Breakdown” which has colorful beats, and “Just a Feeling” which has house beats. “You’re My” on the other hand showcases Tae Yang’s charming vocals.

Baek Ji Young – Timeless, The Best (released)

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01 When Time Passes
02 Won’t Love
03 Not Even a Phone Call
04 Like Being Shot By a Gun
05 My Ear Candy – feat. Taecyeon of 2PM
06 Love is Beautiful
07 Lies Only Women Know
08 Just Need One Love
09 In Order to Throw Out
10 Even If They Say It’s Okay
11 Give My Lips
12 Nap

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Baek Ji Young, who’s known for her emotional ballads, has returned with a best album. The title track is “When Time Passes” a ballad that brings “beauty” back to the music scene. It lyrics tell a story about a person resenting how slowly time passes by during the time she longs for an ex-lover. The rest of the songs included in the album are hits songs released between the years of 2006 and 2009. Hits such as “Won’t Love,” “Like Being Shot By a Gun,” “My Ear Candy,” and “Just Need One Love,” are included. Through this album, we are confirmed that Baek Ji Young, who had originally debuted as a dance singer, truly has the potential and talent for ballads as well.

Jo Kwon (2AM) (single) – Day of Confession (released)

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01 Day of Confession

2AM’s Jo Kwon, who has received much love through MBC’s show “We Got Married,” has revealed to fans a digital single, “Day of Confession.” This dance number, which incorporates drums with synthesizer sounds, will have listeners bob their heads to the beat. Jo Kwon has helped create the song himself with rookie composer Shim Eun Ji.

Wheesung – Road No. 1 OST Part 2 (released)

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01 Even If the World Breaks Us Apart
02 Even If the World Breaks Us Apart – Piano Version

The king of R&B music, Wheesung has taken part in the soundtrack for MBC’s drama series, “Road No. 1.” This ballad number will be the theme song for the Shin Hae Ho character, played by actor, Yoon Kye Sang. The song will portray the love he has for Soo Yeon (played by Kim Ha Neul) in the midst of a chaotic war and a divided country. The song was composed and penned by the artist himself.

Kan Mi Youn (single) – Go Crazy (released)

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01 Go Crazy – feat Mir of MBLAQ

02 Go Crazy INST

Kan Mi Youn, who has debuted fourteen years ago as the lead vocalist of Baby VOX has returned with a digital single, “Go Crazy” after spending two years doing activities in China. It’s been three years since her last digital single album in 2007 and in order for this comeback; she has spent lots of time working on new music, dance and style. Many people have known Kan as a ballad singer, but through “Go Crazy,” a dance number with lively rhythms and guitar sounds, fans will see her otherwise. The song was composed by hitmaker, Bang Shi Hyuk and features special rap featuring by MBLAQ’s Mir.

Other releases:

B-Free – Freedumb (July 6)
Mimi – Mimi On Travel (July 6)
Jung Jae Il Vol. 2 – A. Intermission Part 1 (July 7)
Miss A 1st single album – Bad But Good (July 7)
Skasucks – Invictus (July 7)
Mild Beats, Chaboom – Still Ill (July 7)
Frency – Nein Songs (July 7)
Ninaian – For A Little Cruise (July 8)
Syndicate – The Texas Sky (July 9)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
Credits to motoway065 for translations

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