Taeyang’s "I Need A Girl" MV Plagiarized?

In the K-Pop scene, with the release of every new song comes the issue of plagiarism. These days, it seems like K-Pop artists’ biggest goal is to avoid plagiarism accusations. However, it’s hard to escape the careful eyes of netizens as they scrutinize every song, melody, lyrics and MV. Now, Big Bang’s Taeyang is up for question.

The MV for Taeyang’s comeback song “I Need A Girl” is being compared to Pharrell’s “N.E.R.D.” The particular scene that’s being questioned shows Taeyang’s profile view, singing “baby I need you, girl you need me too” while the lyrics are written to the left of his face.

YG Entertainment has been removing all copies of the MV on Youtube recently and many suspect it’s due to plagiarism accusations. Others think this is nonsense and YG only took down the videos because many fans have complained about their disappointment towards the video and the way it was edited. Currently, no real verdict has been decided.


What do you think?

External from soompi image

External from soompi image


Credit- Kpoplive