Creators of Tashannie Introduce New Female Hip-Hop Duo

Female hip-hop duos are extremely hard to find in the Korean music scene, but rookie group Blacklist, who fits the former description, will debut this month after a year and a half of preparation. The duo has been formed with the help of three distinguished companies: Now Entertainment, GNG Production, and CULT Entertainment, the same corporations that helped produce female hip-hop group Tashannie (who consisted of members Yoon Mirae and Annie) eleven years ago. Blacklist has been garnering much interest due to this reason.


Park Jun Sup, who created Tashannie at the time, explained that “he wanted to create tunes that strayed from mainstream music and hoped that Blacklist will be able to showcase such sounds.”


Blacklist consists of Cheetah (20) and Lucy (18). The leader, Cheetah will take part in vocals and rap while Lucy will take part in lead vocals and sub-rap. The group will debut with title track, “STOP” a south hip-hop styled number with lyrics that claim that true love cannot be bought with money.


Blacklist will debut on July 8th with their first single album. Be sure to check out this newly anticipated duo!



Source: Newsen