MBLAQ Mir’s Ideal Woman?

MBLAQ’s youngest member, Mir, reveals details on his ideal type with a response that garnered much interest.


MBLAQ recently appeared on SBS’s Power Choi Hwa Jung Power Time on July 6th with the members talking about their ideal type of woman.


Mir said, “I look at the person’s feet and armpits.” The other members commented, “That’s not right. So when you meet someone of the opposite sex, you ask ‘Can I please see your armpits?’” Mir then said, “Those two places are important. The feet have to be clean no matter what.”


Lee Joon answered, “She has to be someone who is able to control me. It would be great if she is kind and strong.”


As for Thunder, his ideal woman is someone “with a cold image when she has no expression, but when she smiles, she looks cute.”


G.O said, “I look at the 4th finger on the left hand. I like someone with fair and long fingers.”


S: Mydaily


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