Moon Geun Young Cast in Play

Moon Geun Young isn’t slowing down any time soon.


The young, twenty-three year old actress was cast in the play “Closer”. Aga Company, the producer of the play, announced that Moon Geun Young would play the character Alice, a stripper who falls in love with an aspiring writer named Dan. Things get complicated as Dan’s feelings start to stray.


An official stated, “She had expressed strong intention of playing the role of Alice and has been participating in the rehearsals enthusiastically since the very beginning.”


The play “Closer” debuted in 1997 in London. It quickly became a huge hit, and was turned into movie in 2004, starring Julia Roberts and Jude Law. It was also translated in thirty languages and shown in more than one hundred cities worldwide.


Other actors from her agency, Namoo Actors, will also star in various overseas plays that are jointly produced by Namoo Actors, Aga, and CJ Entertainment.


Moon Geun Young made her acting debut in the 2000 drama, “Autumn Tale”. Since then, she has taken on numerous mature and demanding roles. She also starred in this year’s hit series, “Cinderella’s Sister”


Source: Asiae