MBC Music Core 07.10.10 Performances

Performer’s List: Taeyang, Super Junior, Son Dam Bi, 4Minute, Miss A, Ze:A, Black Pearl, Jang Yoon Jung, LPG, Infinite, Orange Caramel, D-NA, Norazo, Sistar, Girl’s Day, Teen Top, Double K, 2wins


This week on Music Core, Teen Top makes their debut performance with “Clap”! Black Pearl comes back with their song, “Go Go Ssing,” which features a playful tone, backed up by their awesome live vocals. Son Dam Bi also comes back again to promote “Queen” and an interpretive performance of “Can’t U See.” Also, Infinite is lookin’ quite snazzy in their blue suits on today’s special summer stage alongside Jang Yoon Jung’s cool performance of “Olle”! Check it out and more below!


Infinite – Come Back Again


Jang Yoon Jung – Olle


Son Dam Bi – Can’t U See, Queen


Teen Top – Clap


Black Pearl – Go Go Ssing


Taeyang – I Need a Girl


4minute – I My Me Mine


Super Junior – No Other


miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl


Ze:A – Level Up


Sistar – Push Push


Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head


D-NA – Stumble Stumble


Orange Caramel – Magic Girl



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