New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 July Week 2

Park Jaebum – Will You Believe Me (July 13)

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01 Will You Believe Me (Nothin’ On You) – Jay Park [Full Melody Version/Korean]

02 Count One Me (Nothin’ On You) – Jay Park [Full Melody Version/English]

03 Will You Believe Me (Nothin’ On You) – Subman & Kyu Remix

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Park Jaebum is singing again!

Park Jaebum, who became a YouTube sensation with the cover of “Nothin’ On You”, has returned to Korea. The EP, “Nothin’ On You” is a remake of B.o.B’s hit single, with supplementary melody arrangements by producer, Park Geun Tae. An English and remix version of the song are also included. Fans all over the world are already anticipating this hot single!



Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) mini-album (released)

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01 Fantastic

02 Bbi Ri Bba Bba

03 I’m in Love (with Jung Sung Ha)

04 Queen B

05 Radio Star

06 Mama Mia (Preview)

07 Bbi Ri Bba Bba(INST)

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2010’s hot issue, Narsha has come before the public with her first mini album, “Narsha.” The producer of the Brown Eyed Girls’ third album (“Abracadabra” & “Sign”), Cho Young Chul took responsibility for the production of this album, upgrading it a notch. The album starts off with “Fantastic”, a medium tempo electronica number composed by hitchhiker. It also has R&B and hip-hop sounds. The title track is “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”, which is also an electronica number with house beats. It is a very unique number. Other songs included are Ra.D’s remake number, “I’m in Love”, with guitar arrangements by child prodigy Jung Sung Hw and “Queen B”, a vintage” dance track.



Miss A – Bad But Good (released)

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01 Bad Girl Good Girl

02 Run Right Into

03 Love Again

04 Break It

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Rookie group, missA, which consists of members, Fei, Jia, Suzy, and Min, has finally debuted with their first album, “Bad But Good”. The girls were training for three years plus under JYP and have already been part of shows and commercials (Samsung Anycall). The title track “Bad Girl Good Girl” is a medium tempo number that has European melodies incorporated with strong American hip-hop rhythms. The girls are to show powerful stage performances with this song.



Brown Eyed Soul – Can’t Stop Loving You (released)

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01 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You

02 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (feat. Supreme Team)

03 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (Planet Shiver Mix)

04 Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (INST)

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Brown Eyed Soul releases their third single “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You”,  following their previous two releases in March and May. The song incorporates 60s soul music style through the use of brass instruments. The old school groovy sounds heard through this number breaks away from the common R&B ballads heard today in mainstream Korean music.



Shin Hye Sung – The Cycle 2005-2009 (July 15)

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01 Ex-Mind

02 If You Love Me…

03 Similar Thoughts

04 Buen Camino

05 Island

06 First Person

07 The First Day We Met

08 Because It’s You

09 Good Day to Love – Duet. Honey Lee

10 Love Actually – feat. Vink

11 Even If It’s a Lie

12 Why Did You Call

13 I’m Dying

14 Love Letter

15 It’s You

16 Echo

17 Lover

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Shin Hye Sung, who released four solo albums along with various soundtracks and project albums, has returned with his best album. The album, “The Cycle 2005-2009”, consists of some of his past hits along with two new tracks: “Ex-Mind” and “If You Love Me”.



One Two (single) – Very Good (released)

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01 Very Good

02 Very Good INST

Two-member dance group One Two makes a comeback with their fourth digital single album, “Very Good”, just in time for the summer. It is of the dance hall genre and is once again composed by the famous Brave Brothers, making it the third track in which the group collaborated with the producer. The song incorporates brass and synth sounds, perfect for the season.



ZE:A (single) – Level Up (released)

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01Breakup Ad-lib

02 Breakup Ad-lib INST


ZE:A sets the trend this year with their brand new song, “Breakup Ad-lib.” The nine-member boy group debuted early this year with hit song, “Mazeltov” and continued releasing a total of two albums. Their new concept revolves around “racing”, showcasing their healthier and more mature look. The song was composed by hit producer Park Geun Tae and penned by Jung Byung Ki. This addictive number is about breaking up and the lies and regretful experience one feels due to it.



Other releases:

Blee Vol. 2 – Cosmos Road (July 12)

UV -집행유애 (July 13)

Teen Top – Come Into The World (July 13)

Cho Jung Chi – 미성년 연애사 (July 13)

Naomi – Storming (July 13)

99 – 스케치북 (July 13)

Yoon Seung Ho Band – The A.c.t. Project (July 14)

Just Hip`N Groovy – Funky Star (July 14) – Draw G’s First Breath: Mini-album Vol. 1 (July 15)

Joosuc Vol. 5 – All Or Nuthin (July 16)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

Credits to motoway065 for translations