Twitter Causing Problems For K-Pop Stars

Are you really following that star’s official Twitter? Think again.


Fake Twitters are becoming a huge issue in the Korean entertainment industry. Super fans or even pranksters can get away with posing as the actual person, because there is no way for Twitter to verify if the person is real or not prior to starting an account. All that fans can rely on are pictures that they supposedly took of themselves.


A handful of celebrities have already been the victims of Twitter fraud, including Lee Byung Hun, Hyori, SNSD, Rain, and Lee Min Ho. Many celebrities are afraid they will be next. The latest victim? Jung Il Woo, an actor who was impersonated by someone using the Twitter name “Il Woo’s Story”. Fans believed it was the real Jung Il Woo because he had posted pictures of himself with other stars. He was also listed as a “Twitter Follower” on the other stars’ legitimate Twitters.


When confronted with the news about his fake Twitter, Jung Il Woo said he “felt embarrassed” and never thought it could happen to him. He also urges fans to be cautious.


Though the fake Twitter phenomenon doesn’t seem to be slowing down, stars are still opening their own Twitter accounts in order to connect more to their fans, as well as have that freedom of saying anything they please. Even though Lee Min Ho was once a victim of Twitter fraud, he decided to open up an official Twitter anyway, on July 1st.


Hopefully, fans “following” their stars on Twitter take everything that is posted with a grain of salt, because who knows – it could just be another imposter.


Source: KBS News


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