Myung Soo, Nicole For Naengmyun Pt.2!

Last year, Park Myung Soo along with SNSD’s Jessica and “Gee” composers E-Tribe created a hit with the summer song, “Naengmyun” (aka “Cold Noodles”). Park Myung Soo is coming back again this summer for a second iteration called, “Whale,” and this time he’s teaming up with Kara’s Nicole!


Park Myung Soo has already recorded his vocals and it is planned that Nicole will finish her recording on the 14th. It’s been stated that although it will be a follow-up to “Naengmyun,” it will have it’s own, different charm. The song will be released through various online music sites on the 20th. Unlike last year, the song will have a direct tie-in with MBC’s variety show, Infinity Challenge.


While you’re here, why not check out the original with Jessica!