Artist of the Week - Davichi

Name : Lee Hae Ri
Date of birth : Feb. 14, 1985
Height : 163cm
Weight : 45kg

Name : Kang Min Kyung
Date of birth : August 3, 1990

This week, Soompi’s featured artist is Davichi, the female duet comprised of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung. These two ladies have been at the center of attention ever since their music video for “I Love You and Hate You” featuring two superstars, Lee Mi Yeon and Lee Hyo Ri, was released. Music fans were surprised for the second time when they found out that Davichi had powerful singing voices underneath their young, innocent appearances. Korea’s noted composers and lyricists took part in their first album, which attests to the high quality songs in the album.

This talented female duo is on a direct path to stardom with full backing from a bunch of superb musicians. They have released a repackaged album for their first album as well as a few singles. These girls have also released popular collaborations with other girls groups. Besides that, they have also been featured or have collaborated in duets with other singers.

After their first album, Davichi opted for more upbeat songs that fit the duo’s powerful voices.  They recently released their second mini-album titled, “Innocence”. The sad ballad makes a dramatic change, transforming into a punk-rock song. The girls of Davichi became powerful rock stars, showing off a totally new image. The lyrics are about getting one’s heart broken because of a breakup.

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* Amaranth (1st album, 2008-01-28) : I Love You and Hate You, Sad Vow, A Starry Night, A Song of Sad Love, Is That So, Barely, Opposite of Parting,

* Sad Promise (Single, 2008-04-02)

* Color Pink (Single, 2008-05-29)

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* Vivid Summer Edition (1st Amaranth Repackage Album) (Repackage, 2008-07-03)

* Davichi In Wonderland (EP, 2009-02-27)

* Woman Generation (Single, 2009-05-06)

* Wonder Woman (Single, 2010-07-07)

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* Innocence (EP, 2010-05-06)

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WATCH 시간아 멈춰라 (Time, Stop)

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