Infinity Challenge Participates In SM Auditions

It has been revealed that the members of MBC’s Infinity Challege have participated in auditions for SM Entertainment.

According an Infinity Challenge representative, the members recently participated in the New Singer Auditions for SM Entertainment, which is one of the biggest entertainment companies with high-profile groups such as SNSD, Super Junior, Shinee, and f(x).


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Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jung Jun Ha, Jung Hyung Don, Noh Hong Chul, Gil, and of course Haha, who had been discharged from the military just before the auditions, participated in the auditions under the same conditions as the other competitors, having done the same paperwork to get into the auditions.

It didn’t just stop at the auditions. They also made demo tapes, which they sent out to different entertainment agencies.

The Infinity Challenge representative has stated “The audition was done in March. The demo tapes have been sent out, but there has yet to be any producers coming out and willing to turn the IC members into singers.”

Furthermore, “There were also plans to make albums, but due to the MBC strikes, the recordings were put on hold for eight weeks. Nothing progressed after that. After going on air, the future directions for it will be decided depending on the results of the auditions.”

Infinity Challenge’s SM Entertainment Idol Challenge will air either in late July or early August.

Cr: Daum