Victoria Is Disappointed in Nichkhun

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria will go on a “deviation trip”, where they will be traveling to a place nobody lives in.

This coming 17th at 5PM on “We Got Married”, an episode of Nichkhun and Victoria’s deviation trip is set to air. As this trip was their second time meeting as Nickhun had schedules in America for 3 weeks, the meet was all the more special.

The couple was nervous as they got on the train due to it being their “first trip” together, but it was not long until their relationship started to go downhill. Victoria had been counting down till their first trip together and had even stayed up all night to prepare a lunchbox, but Nichkhun could not even keep their “special promise” they made together.

Victoria tried to hide this sadness the best she could, but the disappointment towards her husband was written all over her face, and from then on the atmosphere between the two became delicate.


Credits: NATE (source); jennying@2ONEDAY.COM (translation)

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