After School’s Gahee Reveals Dream Guy Quality

After School’s Gahee said that her ideal man has to be taller than herself.

Gahee appeared as a guest with members of Nana on MBC Sae Ba Kwi, which aired on July 17. When she talked about her standard for her ideal man, she stated, “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me.”

After Gahee’s statement, the other male guests on the show had felt embarrassed. So as to not make them feel bad and hurt, Gahee presented a set of sexy dance routines on the show, much to the delight of the other star appearances and the TV viewers.

Meanwhile, Gahee also revealed on the show, “Even though my parents know that I can’t drink, I can actually drink about 2 cans of beer.”


S: SeoulNTN

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