SHINee For NYLON – Not For Boys

With the wheels of their “Lucifer” promotions starting to turn, SHINee treats us to a special photoshoot in the August issue of NYLON magazine with the concept of “Not For Boys.” Included with the photos is also a special making-of video. Check them out!





Also, we would like to wish SHINee’s youngest member, Taemin, a happy birthday! He sent a picture and message to fans today.


“Hello all!! I am SHINee’s maknae Taemin~!!^^

Everyone~! Ah~ Really had a birthday that was like a dream come true~ ha ha actually, when I was a trainee I didn’t do anything special for my birthday, all of the fans gave me a really precious celebration, really very thankful ㅠㅠ
Everyone’s love really touched me ha ha

Um…even though our album hasn’t been released yet please anticipate it~
starting on July 23~~ everyone come and see shinee~
Right now it’s late at night, good night everyone, please have sweet dreams everyone ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥”




Cr:may7en@soompi(nylonpics), Krunchii@soompi(taeminbdaymessage), baidu(translation)