New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 July Week 3

SHINee Vol. 2 – Lucifer (July 19)

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01 Up&Down

02 Lucifer

03 Electric Heart

04 A-Yo

05 Obsession

06 Quasimodo

07 Shout Out

08 Wowowow

09 Your Name

10 Life

11 Ready Or Not

12 Love Pain

13 Love Still Goes On

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SHINee, who received much love with “Ring Ding Dong”, returns this summer transformed, in time for their second album, “Lucifer”. Through this new thirteen track album, fans are able to hear a variety of music styles in addition to the members’ skillful vocals. The title track is “Lucifer”, which uses both the break dance genre popular in the ‘80s along with urban electronica. The powerful rhythms are expected to be refreshing and addictive. The lyrics portray a selfish heart who mistakes obsession as love, going back and forth between blackmail and conciliation.



SE7EN 1st mini-album – Digital Bounce (July 21)

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01 Intro – Reset

02 Digital Bounce (feat. TOP)

03 Better Together

04 I’m Going Crazy

05 Money Can’t Buy Me Love

06 Drips

07 Roller Coaster

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SE7EN makes a comeback in the motherland after three years! The title track is “Better Together”, created by YG’s main producer Teddy, who  also composed 2NE1’s “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, and so forth. A 20-second teaser of “Digital Bounce” has also already been released through SE7EN’s homepage, where strong hip-hop rhythms can be heard. Featuring Big Bang’s TOP, this song is already gaining much interest among fans.



Black Pearl 1st mini-album – Gogossing (released)

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01 Gogossing

02 Because It’s You

03 In the End…It’s You

04 Can’t Help But Like You

05 Blue Moon

06 Good Person

07 Ugly Love

08 I Like You

09 Sorrow

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4-member girl group Black Pearl joins hands with composers Jo Young Soo and Oh Sung Hun and makes a comeback after three years with the mini album, “Gogossing”. The title track is of the same title was composed by Jo Young Soo and penned by Kang Eun Kyung. This upbeat dance number is perfect for the summer.



Teen Top 1st single – Come Into The World (released)

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01 Come Into the World (Intro)

02 Clap

03 Dance

04 Clap INST

05 Dance INST

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Nicknamed “World Idol”, Teen Top makes their debut with its first single, “Come Into the World”. However, the six member boy band has already garnered much interest due to their participation on a MTV show, Vice Guide to Everything.  The title track to this five track album is a dance number, “Clap.” 1st mini-album – Draw G’s First Breath (released)

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01 I’ll Back Off So Live Well (feat. Yong Jun Hyung)

02 What I Want To Do After I Get a Lover (With Rain)

03 Supa Solo

04 Loving You

05 There’s a Rumor

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Rookie solo artist, G.NA, makes her debut this summer with mini album, “Draw G’s First Breath”. Under Cube Entertainment, G.NA (Korean name: Choi Gina) has worked with famous composer Kim Do Hun, who composed the title track “I’ll Back Off So Live Well”, yet she alone produced the entire album. Wheesung is responsible for penning the lyrics to this track. This R&B number has an unforgettable melody line that is as shocking as the title of the song. BEAST member, Yong Jun Hyung, helps out with the rap featuring in the song as well. Another mentionable track is “What I Want to Do After I Get a Lover”, which is a sweet duet number with world star, Rain.



YB – YB VS RRM (July 20)

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01 Sneakers

02 Stay Alive

03 Lie

04 Группа Крови (Blood Type)

05 A Flying Butterfly

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YB collaborates with Risque Rhythm Machine, a talented electronica music group, in preparation for a special project album titled, “YB VS RRM”. What’s exciting about this work is that it incorporates both rock and electronica, which is expected to stimulate listeners’ ears. The title track is “Sneakers”, which is about the hope that lasts despite how much one can get battered and worn out in life. Other tracks include “Stay Alive”, an industrial, alternative number previously released on YB’s 8th album and “A Flying Butterfly”, a song that will bring out the various colors the two groups have to offer.



Hwan Hee (single) – I’ll Hurt More (Even If My Heart Hurts Part.2) (released)

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01 I’ll Hurt More

02 I’ll Hurt More INST

Many people probably remember Hwanhee for his previous Fashion 70’s OST single, “Even If My Heart Hurts”. It’s already been five years since that release, and Hwanhee returns with “I’ll Hurt More” for the drama series, “Road Number One”. This emotional ballad number was composed by Shin In Soo and penned by the artist himself, and is about a loved one who has left and the hurtful memories that follow after.



Other releases:


Cherry Filter (single) – Wm7 (released)

Ishtar – Nothing’s Atrocity (released)

Kim Won Joong – 5월 광주 (July 20)

Raspberry Field – 토요일 오후에 (July 20)

Art Of Parties Vol. 1 – Ophelia (July 20)

Baeutiful Days Vol. 3 – 내일이 없는 것처럼 (July 20)

Javoisland – To The Island (July 21)

Yellow Monsters Vol. 1 – Yellow Monsters (July 22)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

Credits to motoway065 for translations