Huge Star Was Offered Role in Hollywood Film

Rain fans will definitely have something to be happy about: the amazing Korean sensation was offered a role in a huge Hollywood production helmed by Sylvester Stallone! Fans shouldn’t get too excited though…because Rain actually turned down the opportunity to star in the upcoming movie, “The Expendables”.


Stallone, who appeared on KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly”, stated that he had asked Rain to star in the movie. He revealed, “I haven’t visited [Korea] but I am familiar with some of the people…We almost used a Korean actor called Rain.” He also went on to say that if Rain had agreed to appear in the movie, he would have been cast as Jet Li’s brother or son.


Because of his tour activities during the filing of the movie, Rain could not star in the film. However, fans do not have to be too disappointed – they can still look forward to the fact that Rain will be returning to the small screen this fall in the drama, “The Fugitives”.


Source: Asiae