Se7en Becomes A Model For Blackberry

On the 19th, Se7en’s company stated, “Se7en, who is about to make a comeback, has signed a contract with SK Telecom, who supplies the Smartphone Blackberry.”


Se7en has become the model for Blackberry not only because of his popularity in Korea after his debut in 2003, but also because of his widespread popularity across all of Asia.


On the 14th, Se7en’s teaser video for “Digital Bounce” was revealed. Se7en, who had a long blank period in Korea, rose in the search engine rankings in various portal sites, gathering much interest.


Blackberry announced that for the preparation of Se7en’s comeback, through continuous preparation, they have organized the “Se7en Digital Bounce Release Party” on the 20th.


During the album release party, he will demonstrate how to use the Blackberry smartphone and to use Twitter and MSN to talk with fans.


Furthermore, Se7en, who will coming back with Korean activities after a long hiatus, practices hard every day. Se7en’s new song, “Digital Bounce,” has been released on the 21st.


News source: Money Today, Se7en Blog


Translated by Cecilia