SNSD’s Taeyeon Showing Her Middle Finger?


With criticisms aimed at SNSD’s Taeyeon in a video released showing her swearing fingers, fans voiced unfairness for the singer.


A video was posted up on internet community site Bestiz recently and subsequently, netizens have circulated and posted the video on various other video sites, garnering much interest.


The video was from a radio show that Taeyeon did with gagwoman Kim Shinyoung a year ago. In the video, TaeYeon did what seemed like swearing with a finger. And this had garnered heated debate between netizens.


Fans’ responses are, “They were drawing emoticons and Kim ShinYoung didn’t understand and Taeyeon was just trying to explain to her” while other netizens commented, “How can she make such a gesture on broadcast show” etc.


Check out the video here: