Autumn Season Is Male-Solo Season

Male solo singers have all been missing in action.


These are the times when idol groups dominate the music scene. Even with male solo singers like Rain and Lee Seung Hwan, who released an album and promoted earlier this year, it is visible that they are struggling against the domination of the idol singers.


This has something to do with the structure and how the K-pop industry works. The lifetime of songs in the market has been shortened recently. At the same time, there has been too much power given to broadcast companies as well as the major label firms in the market. The major labels are also pushing more exciting and fun K-pop content at a faster rate into the market.


An expert from the Kpop industry commented, “At this point in time, in order to achieve results in this market, it is easier to do so with idol groups than with solo singers. Groups with various members possessing various charms will appeal to the target audience better and there is good potential for solo activities in the future.”


The phenomenon is such that even though the smaller labels will release their solo singers’ albums, they will not get as much support from the broadcast companies as much as major labels with idol groups get.


Even when the group members come out with solo album, the level of fan service is just as close. Because the amount of activities for solo album is little. So we see many cases where such solo activities will last only about 1~2 weeks. In the end, music fans will still go with the option of more diversity.


However, with the autumn season approaching, we may see a change in trend in the K-pop market. Lined up for activities coming August~September are male ballad singers such as Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung, Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Bum Soo, etc. Singer Hwanhee is also going to release a mini-album this August after the release of his recent digital single, “I Will Hurt More For You.” Long-time singer, Psy, will also comeback with an album this coming autumn season.


An industry expert commented, “Dance hits from idols are popular for the hot summer season but in autumn, we will see male-solo singers coming back with the ballad songs, which is more ideal for the season, adding more diversity to the K-pop scene.”




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