Goo Hara Perfects Both Innocent and Sexy Looks

Goo Hara of girl group Kara has recently been selected to be the model for cosmetics brand A’PIEU, an online cosmetic brand managed by ABLE C&C. The singer has already been receiving a positive response from women in their early and mid-20s along with others for being able to master both innocent and sexy concepts for the ads.


Hara has been able to showcase her innocent and bright image through the A’PIEU essential healing cream while displaying her sex appeal through strong smoky eye makeup.


Netizens praised the new model with words such as, “When I think of Goo Hara, I only thought of innocence and purity, but it was fresh to see her transform into a sexy image as well” and “Goo Hara seems to be the perfect model for targeting women in their 20’s.”


What do you guys think of these ads?


Source: Newsen