Artist of the Week – MBLAQ

Member : Seung-ho (Real Name: Yang Seung Ho)
Date of birth : Oct. 16, 1987
Height : 176
Weight : 60
Talents : Gymnastics, dancing, piano, card tricks

Member : G.O (Real Name: Jung Byung Hee)
Date of birth : Nov. 6, 1987
Height : 177
Weight : 64
Talents : Singing, dancing

Member : Joon (Real Name: Lee Chansung)
Date of birth : Feb. 7, 1988
Place of birth : Seoul
Height : 180
Weight : 63
Talents : Modern dance, ballet, acting

Member : Mir (Real Name: Bang Cheol Yong)
Date of birth : Mar. 10, 1991
Height : 178
Weight : 60
Talents : Singing, dancing

Member : Cheon Dung (Real Name: Park Sang Hyun)
Date of birth : Oct. 7, 1990
Height : 181
Weight : 56
Talents : Dancing, rapping, English and Tagalog conversation

This week’s artist is MBLAQ. This five-member group was the talk of the town even before their debut. It was because MBLAQ is K-Pop star Rain’s first protégé group. Trained under Rain, the quintet whose title is pronounced “M Black”, was introduced for the first time in the October publication of a Korean fashion magazine.

Their debut album came a little later in mid-October, which immediately caught the attention of both music critics and the general public with their musical appeal and youthful energy. It’s also interesting to note that Cheondung, whose real name is Park Sanghyun, is the brother of 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Mir is the younger brother of actress Go Eun Ah.

MBLAQ released their first mini album “Y” with the same title song. The song is produced by Rain, and is about a man who is suffering from the betrayal of a woman. The rich sound of the bass and drums harmonizes with the members’ powerful vocals which heighten the tension in the song. The song has become a favorite among listeners.

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# Just BLAQ (single, 2009-10-14) : Oh Yeah, G.O.O.D Luv, My Dream

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# Y (EP, 2010-05-17)

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