Top To Perform With Se7en

What’s better than finally seeing Se7en perform on stage again after four years of inactivity in Korea? Seeing him paired with Big Bang’s Top on stage, of course!

YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyunseok stated that Top was eager to collaborate with Se7en and that ever since Big Bang’s debut, Se7en has always wanted to have a deut with the fierce rapper. Both singers’ wishes have came true, as Top is featured in Se7en’s new single “Digital Bounce.”

YG also stated, “Top must have also had high expectations because h fixed his rap for Se7en’s song four times. A few days after recording, he came back and wanted to re-record several times.”

Top will be performing with Se7en on all the music shows starting this weekend.

You can get Se7en’s new album here.


Credit- Kpoplive