MBLAQ’s Thunder Wears Beanies to Avoid Showers

MBLAQ’s Thunder shared on Mnet’s “TrendReportFil” corner of “Ha Sang Baek’s Fashion School” personal stories including the fact that he wears a beanie when he does not feel like showering. When asked about fashion, the artist answered that he has interest in it, but does not know much about it. Thus, his normal attire goes along the lines of a tiger print hoodie with skinny jeans, something very comfortable.


After mentioning the beanie, he explained that if the other members are given thirty minutes in the morning to get ready, they normally use that time to sleep and wash up. Thunder on the other hand, uses a small portion of the time washing up and the rest of the time styling, showing the inner fashionista in him.


Thunder is also known to care for the members of his group. Recently, he bought the leader, Seung Ho a product for his dark circles. Learn more about the artist through this show aired today (July 22nd).


Screen caps from the show:


Source: Newsen & Google Images