BoA to Release GAME MV on July 25th

BoA who is slated to make a comeback on August 5th will release a music video for “Game,” one of the songs included in her sixth album. The video will be available on July 25th midnight via the singer’s homepage, Auction, Nate, and other websites. It will be her first Korean music video since her last five years ago. The video was made in thanks to her fans back at home who have waited long for this comeback.


“Game” was composed by hitchhiker and is about inviting one’s lover into a dizzy and fantastical game. BoA will seduce listeners with her distinct and charming voice.


The music video will showcase two sides of BoA: one busy in a photo shoot and one outside camera grounds. Fans can see the singer’s trendy and stylish charms. It was said that BoA took part in brainstorming ideas for the video and was very passionate.


The Flow-mo camera which was used for SHINee’s “Lucifer” teaser will also be used for BoA’s “Game.” For those who aren’t familiar with this “matrix camera,” it is capable of taking 100 frames per second.


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Source: Newsen