“Dae Jang Geum” Star Confirmed Pregnant

This was a very well kept secret – until her father spilled the beans!


The folks at Lady Kyunghang magazine first reported that Lee Young Ae was pregnant in their August issue, citing the actress’s father as the source. Lee’s agency was then forced to confirm that the actress was in fact four months pregnant.


“It is true that she is pregnant and we were going to inform the press at an adequate time because this is when a pregnant woman is most cautious but it seems like the news has gone out through her father,” the agency official stated in an interview with Asia Economic Daily.


In the magazine, Lee’s father said that the very elated family only recently found out about the pregnancy, and that they did not know the sex of the baby yet.


Lee Young Ae is well known for her role as Jang Geum in the 2003 hit drama series, “Dae Jang Geum”. She is currently getting a doctoral degree in cinema and theater at Hangyang University. She is also doing some light work on the side, appearing in television commercials. Lee wed in Hawaii last year, to a Korean-American businessman.


Source: Asiae