BoA To Release 3D MV

BoA is back, better than ever, with a 3D music video!

The singing sensation recently completed shooting the MV for her upcoming new title track, “Hurrican Venus” in 3D format with the help of creators of the box office hit “Avatar.”

SM explained in a press release that BoA collaborated with Samsung Electronics and PACE HD, the cinematography team behind “Avatar” to shoot the MV.

John Brooks from PACE HD stated, “we expect that this 3D music video shoot will be a masterpiece since it is a union of Samsung Electronics and PACE HD, two of [the] top teams in the 3D industry.”

This is the first time that creators of “Avatar” have worked on a 3D music video in Korea. SM also announced that they will be making 3D content for its other artists as well.


Credit- Asiae