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Recently, the three broadcast stations MBC, KBS and SBS raised their viewer age limit to 15 years old for their music programs. One of the main reasons pointed out by the commissioners why the raise took place was due to the suggestive outfits worn by the performers.

It’s no surprise that female idols’ clothing garners the most interest. Jeans, pretty tops and modest dresses are now replaced by miniskirts, back-bearing tanks and tight bodysuits. Regardless of what female artists wear on stage, one trend is apparent: they’re wearing less and less clothing each time.

Here are some of the most popular female idols who have recently received heat for “showing too much skin.”

Hyunah is always in the center of attention when it comes to her stage outfits. Last year, she was criticized for wearing a dress short enough to pass off as a top that showed her underwear. The white dress also had a mesh backing that revealed her black bra. Recently, she wore a tank that showed off her bra at a World Cup celebration event. However, she defended her choice of clothing on stage, stating, “outfits are just part of the performances. It is sad that in South Korea where the culture is more conservative, outfits like these become controversial.” This girl just turned 18, should she really be wearing scandalous outfits like these?

Another 18 year old female idol slammed for dressing inappropriately is 2NE1’s CL. During 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun, CL wore a black skin tight leotard/bodysuit that revealed her stomach and bra. She also wore a similar outfit at G-Dragon’s Shine A Light concert. Netizens attacked her for wearing such a revealing outfit when she’s still underage. These outfits closely resemble Lady GaGa’s fashion; so, if GaGa can wear it, can CL?

Then, there’s fellow 2NE1 member, Park Bom. While all of the other members are seen in funky leggings, crazy t-shirts and hip-hop jackets, Bom is always dressed in retro, but girly short dresses. During 2NE1’s performances of “Fire,” Bom has a move where she bends over to show off her legs. However, she always seems in danger of exposing herself due to her short dresses. It’s no secret that she has stunning legs, but are these dresses just too short?

 For Narsha’s performance on July 22’s M! Countdown, she wore a tight fishnet bodysuit that blatantly exposed her curves and skin. Even though Narsha explained that she wore skin colored tights underneath, she was still attacked by netizens for dressing too racy.

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Lastly, there’s rookie group miss A. Their earlier stage outfits featured stomach showing shirts, tight bodysuits and see through lace dresses. Their outfits received so much criticism that it had to be redesigned to be more tame.

The problems don’t just stop there. Not only are idols wearing inappropriate clothes on stage, they’re also doing it off stage. Kara was criticized for advertising shirts saying “BEST NIKCUF FIVE” for their online store. Even though in context, the phrase means “greatness,” the issue was still blown up. Many teenagers in Asia wear clothes with English phrases that they don’t understand, but should that be an excuse? In addition, another 2NE1 member was attacked by netizens for her clothes. After an episode of 2NE1TV, Minji went under scrutiny for wearing pajama pants with the Care Bears on it in suggestive poses. And of course, it’s not a controversial clothing topic without mentioning G-Dragon. He is known for his bold and eccentric style that he does not apologize for. He was criticized heavily for wearing a leapord print shirt with the words “69” and “I love sex” written on it. He was also seen advertising a shirt that showed a woman’s body.

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Today, idols have become cultural icons, influencing teenagers everywhere with their clothing. Not only are their fans underage most of the time, but the idols themselves are often under the age of 20. It seems like with every new album, artists’ clothing and styling become more daring as if they have to out do their last concept.

What do you guys think? Is it okay for idols to wear more sexual clothing on stage for the sake of performances? Or should they tone down their outfits a little to set a good example for their fans?

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