New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 July Week 4

Chae Yeon mini-album Vol. 2 – Look At (July 26)

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01 Woman These Days

 02 Come and Get Me

03 Lie – feat. A.Minor

04 Look Look Look

05 Crazy

06 Ma Love – feat. A.Minor

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Korea’s sexy diva makes a comeback this summer after a year with her second mini album. The new title track is “Look Look Look”, a dance number with electronica sounds and Miami beats. This dynamic song is expected to excite fans once more. This song is about a new generation of women and men who are shy in front of love. The song is garnering even more interest because veteran singer Kim Gun Mo took part in the chorus. Other songs included in the album are “Crazy,” a Chicago house number with distorted synths, and R&B number “Ma Lover.”



Bad Man (SBS Drama) OST (July 27)

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01 Sometimes I Cry Alone (Kim Yeon Woo)

02 Thorn Flower (Jung Yup)

03 Inform (feat. Ben of Bebe Mignon) (4men)

04 Where At (Orchestra Ver) (Mi)

05 Soliloquy (Jung Yup)

06 Don’t Laugh Don’t Cry (4men, Jang Hye Jin)

07 I Didn’t Know (Yelocloc)

08 Don’t Laugh Don’t Cry (Male Ver) (4men)

09 Get Only Hurt From Waiting (BMK)

10 Fool (Baek Joo Young)

11 Sad Woman (Seo Yun)

12 Where At (Piano Ver) (Mi)

13 Main Title – Various Artists

14 Sub Title – Various Artisits

15 Remembrance – Various Artists

16 To the Person I Love – Various Artists

17 A Long Long Time Ago – Various Artists

18 Scar – Various Artists

19 Perfume – Various Artists

20 Tattoo – Various Artists

21 Stunt Man – Various Artists

22 Dogma – Various Artists

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The drama “Bad Man”, which has been talked about even before the airing of its first episode, has received much love. The soundtrack is likewise great, with songs sung by top vocalists including Kim Yeon Woo and 4men. The title track is “Sometimes I Cry Alone”, sung by Kim Yeon Woo. It was composed by Kim Tae Eun who also produced the entire OST and penned by Yoon Sara who is also known for writing lyrics to Park Hyo Shin’s “Good Person”, Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You”, and Kim Jong Gook’s “Loveable”. The song is an emotional sad number that was accompanied by a 23-member orchestra.



Monday Kiz + V.O.S (single) – Summer (released)

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01 Going Crazy – with V.O.S

02 How Did We – with V.O.S

03 Going Crazy INST

04 How Did We INST

Korea’s top vocal group, Monday Kiz, meets with V.O.S for a special project, “Summer”. Through the single, the two groups hope to try new styles and bring out more mature music. The album, which consists of two songs, was produced by Monday Kiz member Lee Jin Sung and V.O.S member Choi Hyun Jun. Both songs follow the theme of hurt due to love and breakup. The title track is “Going Crazy”, composed by the two producers. The easy melody line of this medium tempo ballad track flows well with the string arrangements followed by percussion sounds. The other track, “How Did We” is a ballad composed by Choi Hun Jun and penned by Lee Jin Sung. The beautiful melody along with the sad story line will intrigue listeners.



Baek Ji Young (single) – Road No. 1 OST Part 4 (released)

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01 Similar Heart

02 Similar Heart (Humming Ver.)

Baek Ji Young has released a new single, “Similar Heart”, for MBC’s drama “Road Number One”. The song will be the theme song for the female protagonist Kim Soo Yeon (played by Kim Ha Neul). Composed and penned by Kim Yong Jun, this ballad number is about love and fate between Soo Yeon and her lover Lee Jang Woo (played by So Ji Sup) during the time of war.



Other releases:


Jo Gyu Chan Vol. 9 – Morning (July 27)

Rei – High (July 27)

Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010 (July 28)

Hong Joo Yeon – Smile Again (July 28)

Swingchair Vol. 1 – 순정만화 (July 29)

DJ D.O.C Vol. 7 – 풍류 (July 29)

Dok 2 & Rado – It’s We (July 29)

Gil Me Vol. 1 – Love Actually (July 30)

Bizniz Vol. 1 – Ego (July 30)

Burning Hepburn – Life Goes On (July 31)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver

credits to motoway065 for translations

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