BoA Releases an Emotional Ballad in Midst of Comeback

In the midst of her Korean comeback slated for August 5th, BoA treats fans with two new tracks, “GAME” and “Person Besides Me,” both released today for purchase through various online music sites.


As revealed before, the music video for “GAME” has been available for viewer’s enjoyment three days ago, garnering the interests of many. “Person Besides Me” on the other hand was released today for the first time. This beautiful ballad number, composed by senior musician Kim Dong Ryul is about feeling emotional pain for not being able to confess one’s love for someone. BoA is able to show a more mature and musical style through this song.


“How well is BoA doing?” some may ask. It is said that the artist’s two new songs have already placed in the top five spots in standard charts.


BoA will release her sixth studio album, “Hurricane Venus” on August 5th. Stay tuned for more details!


Check out the two songs below:


“Person Besides You” Audio


“Game” MV

Source: Newsen & YouTube(sment, jenningyou)