Chakra’s Bona Auditions On Superstar K2

Chakra member Bona appears on Superstar K2 as participant and talks about the sad and unfair happenings which took place during her blank period.


On the July 30th episode of Mnet’s Superstar K2, singer Bona was one of the participants taking part in the auditions. She said, “I was active as part of Chakra until 2005. After our disbandment, the company did not release any albums for me. I needed to be released from my contract with them in order to move on to other agencies, but they didn’t allow me to do it,” explaining her five year blank period.


She added, “I’ve thrown away my pride. I practiced like crazy wanting to get up again. I think of this as the last turning point in my life.”


With the appearance of Bona at the auditions, the judging panel consisting of Lee Seung Chul, Baek Ji Young and Lee Ha Neul were shocked. Baek Ji Young commented, “I think I remember. I’ve seen her at my company before and she was a sad kid.”


When it came to assessing, Lee Seung Chul said, “You did not look good singing and dancing separately, but I see synergy in combination of two,” giving Bona a pass and the first step towards realizing her dream.


S: SeoulNTN


For those who are not familiar with Chakra, this was the band in which Hwang Bo and Jung Ryeo Won took part in.



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